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    Rogue - Videos - sticky

    Please post any Rogue video content you want to share here. Video content outside of this sticky is subject to removal.


    - the mods

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    My video I made as a joke in August of 2015:

    MY X/Y POKEMON FRIEND CODE: 1418-7279-9541 In Game Name: Michael__

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    Hey fellow of the shadows!

    After 6 months of hard work, i am finally releasing my new PvP movie. So this is what you can expect:

    - Varied content: machinima, pvp gameplays (outdoor, arenas) and a few more things

    - A long journey over Legion with scenes of different zones and patches (from the beginning to 7.2)

    - High editing and postproduction skills (effects, color corrections, etc)

    - 23 minutes of visual entertainment with the maximum visual quality (2560x1440 at 50fps)

    So that said, i hope you enjoy it!!

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    Nice video

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aneuryzm9 View Post
    Nice video
    Thank you

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    I got beta invited and will make many videos on all changes in the 3 specs the state of the class damage comparisons and stuff like this. Follow the channel if you want. Here are the reivews of the specs!:

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