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    Shaman - Videos - sticky

    Please post any Shaman video content you want to share here. Video content outside of this sticky is subject to removal.


    - the mods

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    Rotational videos of boss encounters showing how to maximize damage in raid environments.

    Discuss the the mastery soft caps and perks of stacking mastery > crit vs Crit > Mastery

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    Made this just for fun and will be all TOS stuff now

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    New lava burst animation at 2:23 watch?v=R7BvpCKpAqA

    The casting itself is pretty nice...but the projectile is smaller than the current one, it also doesn't have the "lava splash" effect...

    Pls help raise awareness to that fact, it isn't enough to shrink our dmg, they had to shrink our spells too >.>

    When we get a lava surge proc it gets even worse since we don't see the casting animation, the projectile is smaller and we get no "lava splash" =(

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    this link work on youtube.,?

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    Started streaming my videos, specially on the Resto Shaman doing M+

    Feel free to give a like and subscribe! Going to try to push as must as possible with the resto shaman and bring back its glory!

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