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    I need ZA!.. I need the trinket!

    I come here begging for help. Way back in '08 there was a Ventrilo recording of a WoW player named Zeromaz who was begging for ZA runs so he could get his hex shrunken head trinket, resorting to singing to get carries. My brother and I have toiled to find any trace of it, after all, its been almost 10 years, and we finally came across proof that it existed and even where it was hosted.

    Unfortunately, the hosting site has since changed its formating and has likely lost the files. If anyone has any information on if these recordings were ever uploaded elsewhere or if you even have a precious copy, please help!

    Below I have included the original post on the WoW Forums outlining this info.

    Edit: Dardanos was the one who recorded and posted this amazing event and all props go to him I just had to share it with more than just Demon Soul.

    Edit: For those who would like to have teh lulz without reading just click the two vent recordings. (Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger drunk, and singing pop music about wanting a shrunken head trinket.)

    It started with...

    Q u o t e:
    you've probably guessed it. im a horde warlock, and im looking to go to Zul'Aman with a raid group. My guild is too small to go with. I will respec affliction and dps if i get the chance to go with anyone. And if it matters im only going for one drop, Hex shrunken head. The rest i won't roll on, i don't care about the other drops. If i get the head i won't leave the raid either because i got what i wanted, i'll finish it out. Please send me a message in game if we could arrange something. Thank you


    ok i have resorted to paying for this shrunken head... give me a time and a price. send me a piece of mail in game, a message... whatever. im a pvp warlock and i have no way of getting this trinket myself, please help.

    And now has progressed to...
    (Vent Recordings)



    Original threads...

    Edit: Switched the Vent recordings around to the proper order.

    Update: If you would like to hear a specific song please post in the song request thread!

    Update: Digg it here!
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    Haha I remember this vid. The guy sounded like Arnold.

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    I have what you need. But since I just signed up so I could answer your plea, the forum is not letting me post any links.

    Search for "zeromazsex" on myspace. It has the Barbie girl clip and the Low clip.

    Buncha choir boys...

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