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    [H][THRALL] 881 Demon Hunter LF 10/10H Guild

    I am a returning wow player in search of a 10/10H Guild. A Mythic progression Guild is also on my mind. I took a break around the beginning of Trial of Valor and just returned last month. I am currently 881 Ilvl and I know my class inside and out. I am one who simcrafts to perfect my class and I also research all fights and ensure the highest DPS. I am not interested in moving to other servers or raiding Xrealm.

    Btag: bradeckz#11873

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    We are looking for some more to start Mythics in ToS

    <End of Days>

    We are a small raiding guild that is actively seeking to expand our numbers to begin Mythic Tomb of Sargeras and beyond. We are currently 10/10 H N. The majority of our members have been raiding since Vanilla and have extensive experience within the game. We are all adults (20+) that have fun and joke but also take progression serious.

    Raid Information

    Tuesday & Wednesday
    730 - 1000 pm EST

    We use RC Loot Council for distributing loot
    We use Mumble as our voice communication


    Min 890 ilvl
    1 Tank- Non Plate
    1 DPS - H Demon Hunter
    3 RDPS - Any Class
    1 Heal - Any Class

    Consumables (Flask/Food/Pot/Rune) are mandatory for raid nights. If you are interested, we would love to have you begin a trial with us. Please contact me at the battle tag below. Thank you for your time and have a great day!


    Detharoc - Edoras#1919
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