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    [H] 906 DH 6/10M NH LF WEEKEND Guild

    Due to work schedule I can't make weekday raids.. I'm in need of a new home and desperate at that I need sleep! I'm currently looking for a Weekend Guild(can't be morning)
    I'm not looking to go backwards and would expect the guild i'm going to be at least 6/10 mythic. Prefer horde but will consider Alliance.

    Looking for a guild that has active members and have the same interest on leveling their weapon traits as fast as they can.

    leave guild info if you are in need of a dedicated raider.

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    Hey Mikley, our guild Pandamonium is an Alliance guild on US-Magtheridon currently 6/10M. We are seeking an immediate spot for a Demon Hunter. We raid Sat and Sun 7-10PST. If you interested in further details please contact me at saintfurion#1538.

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    I know this post is extremely old, but I was wondering if you were still looking.

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