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    Fury vs Arms for tomb

    Looking to pick up my offspec for tomb, and I need concordance in it by launch. Which spec is looking like it will deal more damage, fury or arms? Also, is it likely that we will want 4-set from tomb and 2-set from Nighthold? (Gotta start fishing for titanforges if so)

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    Entirely speculation at this point.

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    cant tell, to early at this point tho i hope fury will be better, because i get disease if i have to play arms

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    I just hope Arms isnt reliant on FR. I hate FR. Made me quit my day1 vanilla warrior... I just remembered the massive arm buffs it got, figured Id pop in to see how it seems to be shaping up for 725, but no real info as of yet xd

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    best in slot legendaries will prevent you from using 4 and 2 piece.

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    With the nerfs to the T19 set pieces and buffs to T20 i honestly think Arms will be over fury Only reason it is right now is because of how easy it is to basically maintain a 100% uptime on Enrage With T20 it wont be as easy. And 6 Random Hits with MS on bladestorm on Singletarget fight and Considering MS got buffed by what 70%? and Execute dmg by 60%

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