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    3 players LF late night guild after or at 9pm PST

    Hi, just thought I would post to see if anyone is looking to pick up 3 players, we are all 890+ ilvl and stopped played shortly after ToV was released due to a few IRL time issues. We are looking to join a guild and hopefully continue progressing through the expansion. We would prefer to raid around 3 times a week around 9PST.

    We are :
    Guardian druid
    Restoration druid / Hpally / Priest

    Can add me on battle net or leave a message here and ill get back to you my battle net tag is deathsdemise#11522

    Should add we are a mythic focused group, our goal is to progress and do whatever we can to catch up. We want to progress but are by no means looking to push world firsts.
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    Possible guild for you

    Let me know if you are still interested. we are a Mythic progression guild. we are casual but are 2/10 mythic nighthold. we raid tuesday/thursday 9pm to 11:30pm EST. if interested please respond here or message me at my battle.net tag Haberle#1802

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