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    [A]886 BM Hunter LF Raid Spot

    Hey all! I've recently returned to WoW and sat my Monk and leveled up a hunter. I've only been back a little over a week and had to level him from 100, so his itemization isn't the best; but he's pushing 890 ilvl, 42 weapon traits, has one leggo so far etcetc.

    TLDR: I've played a lot since I returned lol

    I came back to play with friends and do mythic+ and the occasional raid but our schedules haven't synched up well at all. So I'm looking for a place to call home and pursue end game content and experience raids in a fun yet progressive environment!

    A Little About Me
    I've played WoW since the beginning, taking short breaks just about each expansion due to life, other games etc, which usually puts me at a disadvantage gear wise. I've raided every expansion but Cata, not hardcore or anything, just to gear up, have some fun and experience content. I feel I have a solid skill set with just about any class I play and I take any and all criticism I'm given to improve! I'm an electrician by trade and an avid gamer in my free time. Soon to be married to the love of my life this fall. We have 2 dogs, a house and full time jobs. Needless to say striking a balance between game time and life is pretty crucial. I do play a lot in my free time each day but life always comes first! I do have normal nighthold 10/10 on my Brewmaster and 4/10 heroic. Unfortunately I joined this xpac late so I never got to experience emerald nightmare or ToV.

    What I'm Looking For
    -Semi-hardcore(fun loving yet progression oriented, tight knit, logs are important but some allowance and guidance for improvement is provided etc).

    -2 days a week

    -Times: Anywhere from 4pm-10pm EST time window on weekdays. Friday and Saturday are open. I work 3rd shift, so late nights won't work for me

    -Alliance preferably to be able to still play with RL friends, plus all my 110s are all.

    -Not super progressed through mythic or just dipping your toes into mythic raiding. I don't want to get carried, I want to contribute as much as I can with a group of people equally skilled and like minded!

    If you fit my criteria and I fit yours, please drop a line below or contact me via in-game messaging. My tag is Mord#11580

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    We would be very interested in talking to you and seeing how we fit with each other. We are currently 10/10 HNH and looking to add a few more folks into our raid core for Mythic progression and to move into ToS at a steady pace when released.

    While our guild itself is recently new, (don't write us off too soon :wink: ) many of us have been playing together for years and have long deep standing roots of friendship that go beyond WoW. Our raid core is comprised of raiders that have been in the game mostly since vanilla, a few since Alpha tests and a couple that are more recent players.

    We raid Monday and Thursday 5-8pm PST, and offer Tuesday and Saturday runs for alts, new 110's, and trials. We also use those times for x-mog runs and generally just to relax and hang out with each other. The guild is active with Mythic+, PvP, and farming runs as well. We offer to our raiders: repairs, cauldrons, feasts, pots, and most times help with enchants and gems.

    Our discord is rarely quiet and while we are progression focused we understand the importance of offering a relaxing, stable environment to our members as well. We welcome our raiders/members alts and after a short time their friends and family as well. I look forward to speaking to you further if you are interested! Battletag Naishala#1875

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    Dreadnought team of <Eternal Kingdom> is looking for ranged DPS.
    We are 3/10M and run Fri/Sat/Sun 6-10pm PST (Sun is the optional farm run, and goes until 8:30).

    About Us: Eternal Kingdom is a multi-team Alliance raiding guild on Proudmoore (US). The guild currently supports 9 mythic raiding teams as well as some Heroic and Normal teams, and offers opportunities for movement between the teams.

    Dreadnought is a Mythic team with a very relaxed atmosphere yet very focused on downing content as quickly as possible on a short raid schedule. We support a very non-aggressive raiding environment and leadership style. We believe in correcting mistakes in a professional manner so that the game is enjoyable for everyone. This team looks for consistent players who want to progress at a solid pace through Mythic content while clearing it without having to sacrifice as much time in their personal life or worrying about ranking.

    You can check out the guild here: eternal-kingdom.com/
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on bnet. Mishi#1354

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    Still Alive want you :)

    <Still Alive> is a Alliance raiding guild on Durotan/Ysera.

    It's goal is to have fun while killing boss and helping each other improve.
    We do raid, M+, old content archievment

    We are currently reforming or core group after having move from a less populated server.
    where we used to be the first alliance guild.

    For now we will focus on Heroic until we get enought people to start mythic again

    So bring your cube, eat some cake, and let's have fun.

    As a guild, we are currently 9/9N, 6/9H in ToS, 4/10M NH.

    We need a bit of everything but mostly DPS

    Tues-Wed-Thurs from 8-10 PM (EST).

    - Be willing to help other
    - Have basic raid-related addons such as DBM, Recount, etc.
    - Be nice
    leetah#1951 or Leetah on US - Durotan
    Flaura on US - Durotan

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