Priest Lives Matter is an Alliance Mythic guild on PROUDMOORE

Current Progression:

Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M
ToV: 2/3M
Nighthold: 7/10M

We are striving to be a semi-serious mythic progression guild raiding Monday,Tuesday, Thursday 9pm-12 PST.


We are currently looking for a couple DPS to fill out our raid team.
Melee: Ret pally/DK/ Warrior/Rogue
Ranged: Ele Shaman/Hunter/Spriest
Will consider other DPS spec's if you are an exceptional player

What we like to see in people wanting to join our guild:

Teamwork oriented players

People who are quick to learn and eager for mythic progression

Willing to put in the work to improve yourself

Be responsible and show up to raid on time prepared for raid

Prior mythic experience

We have a strong core of players that have been in top guilds on multiple servers, with players that have experienced almost all of the end game content starting from back in vanilla. With a positive raid environment where anyone can contribute.

We also run mythic + to get gear while we are not raiding.