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    Make Draught of Souls baseline

    With the upcoming release of Tomb of Sargeras and the seemingly underwhelming trinkets and tier bonuses for Fury, what if Blizzard were to give the effect of Draught of Souls to Fury (and Arms) baseline? It's inevitable that Draught will be nerfed (knowing Blizzard probably the week before ToS goes live) which leaves warriors in a pretty poor place heading into Tomb. I think this would be a great change and would keep us afloat against the FotM classes.

    What do you guys think?

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    Fury is obviously going to be balanced/re-balanced for tomb, giving them an extra ability seems unnecessary to me =P If a class cant play without a trinket, the trinket is probably a bit too overpowered and thus probably needs a nerf anyways

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    And that class needs a buff since it relies so heavily on said trinket.

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    OP name "NotTrolling" with a post count of 1. This thread is going places.
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    Everyone is talking about DoS being op yada yada, meme trinket etc. But what about funness? I think DoS is one of the most fun trinkets to play with since it has the downside of you being stuck in place while its active. You have to carefully plan when to use it or you might lose a lot of dps or even worse you die. Dmg wise I don't care. It's certainly good, but not as op as ppl make it to be since you lose out on normal dmg while using it. But even if they made an ability like DoS and nerfed it's dmg slightly, it would still be fun to play with imo. There are too few abilities that have downsides to them while still providing good dmg boosts. I don't necessarily think DoS is a good choice of a similar ability, but just performing every gcd perfectly is boring compared to having a huge sacrifice that makes do some planning to take full advantage.
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    Yea people see it is 20% of our dps and go crazy but they don't realize that 90% of our dmg happens inside the BC window anyway, of which DoS takes up 3 seconds every 1 min and change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archimtiros View Post
    I really hope this thread is a meme.
    It is. /10char

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    Quote Originally Posted by PacketJ View Post
    It is. /10char
    DoS confirmed for dank meme in 7.2.5? Blue quote?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archimtiros View Post
    I really hope this thread is a meme.
    The guy's name is 'NotTrolling', how can you possibly think this is a meme?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotTrolling View Post
    Called it!
    You and basically every other fury warrior with common sense.

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    Gross. 10 char

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    Why would they make it baseline? Makes zero sense.

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    What if they actually did this but reworked Avatar and gave us a Draught of Souls based on our class spec, like you get extremely furious and slash very fast for 3 seconds dealing a shitload of damage to everything in front of you split among targets.

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    draught needs to go away. I'm glad it's being replaced.

    Softbottom <Game Over>

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    These memes are top tier
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    Anyway stop being such an ass fucktard.
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    Would you kindly go fuck yourself?

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    No, I cant wait to get rid of that trinket. The 3 second mechanic sucks ass.

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    Yeah, I'm excited to not be so reliant on a trinket...

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