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    Monks fun at 110?

    Hey all looking for an alt to level, currently got to a stage where I'm just logging to do a bit of AP farming on my main and raiding in an evening, just after a quick overview of how people find them at 110, any of the specs will probably have a go at them all!


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    They are pretty fun, though I haven't tried MW this expac so I can only speak for BrM and WW.

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    I main one. 7/10 mythic and it's an alright class. Single target is god awful and aoe is pretty good. Does extremly well in mythic plus too.

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    I can only really speak for windwalker but i find it alot of fun.

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    Brewmaster is amazing, and, in my opinion, very fun to play.

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    I've played all 3, and Main Spec WW and Brewmaster. I find all 3 specs fun and useful, though MW are a bit low in comparison until the 7.2.5 buffs, and WW ST is pretty shit compared to others. But Brewmaster and Windwalker dominate in M+.

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    Monks are incredibly fun, imo. They get the short stick very often, but people continue to play them because they're so fun.

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    All 3 monk specs are pretty fun, but it depends what you find fun. They all have relatively good complexity compared to most other specs.

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    Main MW Here. I can't play something else, it's an awesome spec and class. We arent overpowered but insanely fun.

    And we have a crazy chicken under LSD, aka Chi-Ji.

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    I have played Mistweaver and Resto Druid this expansion and Mistweaver is a lot more fun. Unfortunatly they are not great in mythic progression raiding.

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    That's like asking if mint chocolate chip ice cream tastes good.

    Only person that can answer that question is you after taking a bite.
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    Why people ignore the fact that there are specs in this game and classes mean a little here. At least tell us what you want to play.

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    If you're a casual, sure, WW monks okay to fuck around with for an alt, but don't bother trying to get into any serious progression; it's garbage ST is literally the worst in the game and its AOE is very shit compared to most classes. Despite what monks will tell you about being good in M+, we're really not, I wouldn't take them when you can take a BM, DH, affi, fury all who do insane AOE/ST and don't have to have any real conditions/setup for good consistent AOE like monks do.

    But if you don't care about parses or mythic progression, sure, its okay. Don't expect Blizzard to fix WW.

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    I'm holding out a slim glimmer of hope they manage to balance WW monk. How they'll manage this, I don't know. They have to make us stronger than most classes in normal mode to compensate for our abysmal scaling. Or you know, actually change abilities to address scaling. They had a list of classes they're to primarily focus on with this upcoming patch, and we weren't on it, so I wouldn't count out anything big besides here's a flat lazy 12% buff on most abilities or something to that ilk.

    I'm thinking were going to be so bad and they won't realize it until live. We'll see I guess!
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    Also remember that if you ask a question like this on a class forum, people will whine about the class no matter what. If the answers are neutral/positive, then the class is most likely OP at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tripax View Post
    Also remember that if you ask a question like this on a class forum, people will whine about the class no matter what. If the answers are neutral/positive, then the class is most likely OP at the moment.
    It's true, but I don't really know anyone who thinks WW monk is OP right now. I'd say the same about elemental shaman and shadow priest and I play neither of them. I can recognize they're hurting more than the average class. Shadow Priest might be fine once the content is more difficult again since the fights will last long enough.

    The plus side to WW for me is the above average AOE. We don't have the best, but it's impressive enough. I'm not sure how were better than demon hunters in any way. I think they beat us in both AOE, ST, and maybe equal us in mobility.

    I find monk fun, otherwise I wouldn't be playing it. You get everything but better in an easier format just playing Demon Hunter. There might be some advantage to monk, if so, I'd be curious as to what it is. Maybe the 10% more run speed for everyone.
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    BRM is probably fun. But compared top MoP one in 10 man its probably nothing.

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    At this point of the ilvl vs "the content I'm running" marathon I switched to main my dk - blood>frost. Still love my BMonks mobility (even more with the "small bloodlust ring" adding more ontop) and the aoe dmg I'm capable of delivering as tank, but for m+ (and that's what I play) my monk is just way worse than my BDK really. Then I compared WW with FDK and now that I have the movement speed lego on the DK, I don't have movement issues anymore so even that's done. Instead of rolling around trying to hit stuff, I just pull it closer to myself (and other dps) instead. FDK's aoe is hadly worse than my WW's too and the only thing I am missing SOMETIMES is paralysis. Instead I can make BRH runs way more relaxed now with control undead.
    Sure - both BDK tanking and FDK dps'ing is WAY less complicated (and simplistic) than BM tanking and WW dps'ing. When I want something more funny I run my monk, but more often it's my DK I find myself enjoying. I keep my monk's WQ's, AP-flow and m+ runs in line with my DK's ... because my DK can't heal my guild's odd fun raid (alts, lowbies, friends, etc.). That and sentiment.
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    I've raided heroic + all 3 specs and done higher end mythic +s all 3 specs. Monk, to me, is by far the most fun class overall. Personally I believe there is a bit of a skill curve for the 3 monk specs that several other specs of that same role don't have and also perform better, so monk = less bang for your buck, but it's a very enjoyable class.

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    FUN for me(only talking about WW):

    Complex class to prove that im capable of pulling it off and smirk on easy class players.

    WW/DPS is the hardest to play, the most complex, and as for now, the developers least fav(even thou everything works, the numbers are lower than it should be) - everything is "agaisnt" the WW - unless you see it from a another perspective, then its gets really reaaally fun.

    And if you master the monk, you master everything else. In some cases, its litteraly feels like going back from uni to the elementary school.
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