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    Hi Five, Deathwing

    Horde [H] 903BM Hunter NH10/10HC, LF an active raiding guild.

    Due to current guild throwing in the towel for this patch due to irl/school stuff, I am now looking for a more serious guild progressing into NH mythic from a NH HC farm schedule.

    Current NH HC logs: Heroic
    Prenamechange NH N logs: Normal

    Preference: 8PM PST on week days or any time during weekends. (Did Fri/Sat till guild died out)

    Past mythic raid experience would be HFC5/13M in WoD pre'nerf as a Aff. Warlock.

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    Hey Kulspruta!

    Guild: Hi Five
    Progression: 7/10 M, progressing on M Star Augur
    Server Group: Deathwing / Kalecgos / Executus / Shattered Halls
    Type:Semi-casual raiding guild
    Atmosphere: Mature
    Raid Schedule:
    Tuesday 7-10 PM PST
    Sunday 5-9 PM PST

    We are in current need of ranged dps to join our core roster!

    Hit me up BenBruser#1755 in game if you would like to talk more or shoot me a reply here in this thread

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    Hey Kulspruta,

    My guild just did a move from Akama to Mal'Ganis to fill in additional spots to push Mythic and prep up for ToS. We are currently 10/10H with old and new guild. We raid Fri-Sat currently from 10-1 ET (7PM-10PM your time). More than welcome to come run this week and see if its a fit for ya. Hit me up if you have any questions. Btag is XzistencE #1970


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    <Mutiny> on Area 52 is currently recruiting for Mythic Nighthold and upcoming Tomb of Sargeras progression!

    Daytime aiding is the most underrepresented time to raid, and many of our members work nights/early mornings or live overseas. We are currently 10/10H and 3/10M, and several of our raiders have previously completed further NH Mythic content.

    We are currently fleshing out our team in preparation for Tomb of Sargeras, and we aim to hit the new tier with a full core of 20-25 members, entering Mythic content as soon as it's available.

    Our team raids from 3PM - 6PM EST, Tues/Wed/Mon.

    We also run M+ and old content on off-nights, and our tight-knit community is active in-game and on Discord.

    Current needs:
    • Tanks: Need one dedicated main tank, all classes considered
    • Healers: Need 1 healer, ideally with a dps offspec (all classes considered)
    • DPS: Ranged, bonus points for heal/tank offspec (but not required)

    If interested, please contact the guild master, Shamsquatch, at his Discord (Shamsquatch#1799) or Battle.net (GiantSham#1219).

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    <Rise Again> Area 52
    Looking for Range DPS and 1 HEALS(druid/pally/monk) for our raid group = Sat/Sun 11 pm-2am- Server 4/10 H NH.

    Solid Core Group, Looking to expand are current roster and Progress into Mythic's as soon as possible.

    Message myself Rakof, Falindis, Kharyaa, Schlawng, In game if you are interested.

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    Hello Kulspruta!

    Our guild Reignited has just recently reformed and we are looking to fill in for our last dps positions. We currently do not have a hunter and are in high need for one. We strive to stay competitive with a light raid schedule. At this time we are building a stronger mythic core group for ToS.

    Faction – Horde
    Server – Illidan

    Raid days/times..
    Saturday & Sunday 6:00pm-10:00am CST

    Current Raid Progression


    Past Raid Progression

    Siege of Orgrimmar-
    14/14H, 14/14M

    7/7H, 6/7M

    Blackrock Foundry-
    8/10M BRF

    If you are interested or have any questions you can reach me at Brittany#12409. Good luck with your search!

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    I know this post is very old, but are you still looking?

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