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    Suddenly new animations on fury

    The other day I noticed that my fury animations changed. My character was no longer doing the standard racial animations for autoattacks and bloodthirst and instead did some of the new legion animations like stormstrike and victory rush.

    I'm curious if anyone else has noticed a similar thing? The only thing I can correlate it to is that I got the prot challenge skin a couple weeks ago which seems to come with its own flail animation over the standard 1h animations. So I assumed it's some sort of bug of animations getting mixed up when I switch over to fury? But it makes no sense because I tried to pinpoint it and it's not consistent at all.

    If this is a bug I hope it's not fixed because the animation cycle I see on my char atm really looks cool, if anything these should become the new baseline.

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    there is a "bug" when switching from a weapon that uses the new mace animations to your fury weapons. the fury weapons inherit the new mace animations until you die.

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    don't make them nerf the fun please so stop talking about it.

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