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    Prot Warrior - stat prio

    Hey guys,

    my newest alt is a prot warrior (blood dk, prot pala, guardian druid so far).

    quick question regarding stat priority.

    from IV I got this one:
    Haste (up to 30%)
    Mastery >= Versatility
    Critical Strike

    is this priority just defensive prio?
    What is the prio regarding dps?

    I mainly do M+ and raid heroic, so I tend to favor dps oriented gear.


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    Haste is for rage regeneration,faster GCD and faster auto attacks if you spec Devastator after 7.1.5 and smoother gameplay while having the longest uptime of Shield Block because of it with Heavy Repercussions through faster shield slams or generally faster everything leading to more Shield Slams to extend the duration while reducing the cooldown with Haste.

    30% is just a number where the GCD starts feeling faster and Shield Block is below 10 seconds, more haste is good but not without nerfing your other stats, therefor we "Generalize" around 30%.

    For Physical oriented dungeons/fights you want to play Haste/Mastery.

    For spell damage oriented fights you want to play Versatility/Haste.

    Critical strike is mostly useless because you nerf your stats too much and its not worth the barely extra DPS you do.

    Overall the best advice is to go for Haste/Mastery and Haste/Versatility items to balance around both if you dont wanna create different set of items.
    Think of something along 25-30% haste, 40-45% Mastery, and 8-13% Versatility, obviously this stats are after a certain item level to have them all, so after 890 you should hover around there.
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