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    [Resto] Resto Druid Analyzer (RDA) is ready for public use.

    Link: https://buimichael.github.io/RestoDr...d/index.html#/

    This tool takes your logs from WarcraftLogs and analyze your performance as a Resto Druid based on some important metrics for the spec.
    It features suggestions, important metrics, item performance breakdown, cast efficiency and much more.

    Questions, feature requests, bug reports etc are best placed in the RDA discord:

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    Tried it loved it. I see great potential here for the mediocre player. This can certainly evolve into a nice raid tool for all healers given time. I'm a long time raider and player and I know almost all my mistakes by heart and a number based analysis confirmed it

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    Looks amazing and I'm not even resto. Sent it to our resto druid.

    Thank you

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    Thanks I am working together with another developer whom developed a similar tool for holy paladins/disc priests. In the future we might be merging our tools for one new general analyzer, essentially becoming the "new checkmywow".

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    I have used this for a little bit and it seems great, I might disagree with some "major ability" suggestions but this might be the best log analyzer tool out there!

    I check a lot of armories on my stream and I do exactly what the tool does (uptimes, missed abilities and wrong timings). This makes it so much easier for me
    I made a video about this and I hope it spreads the word!

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    i can't analyse report, i've the following message :
    On Firefox : "The report could not be parsed. this.owner.selectedCombatant is undefined"
    On Safari : " The report could not be parsed. undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this.owner.selectedCombatant.lv90Talent')"

    here is the report i try to analyse : bTjrn1GZ4H3wcvNP

    Thanks for your help

    - - - Updated - - -

    ok i know why i must active advanced combat log

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    The best part of this is that I don't need to manually comb logs for my mistakes. Someone else is doing it for me and making it pretty! Even if I don't always agree when the app says "you did this wrong" the part where it lays out what I actually did is is awesome. I love how creative the druid community has gotten this xpac with the log analyzers.

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