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    I would put my bets on Warcraft 4 - pretty sure they're aware of the demand of it and with the ending of LOTV, the chance of WC4 being a reality is very high.
    That would be the only game I'll probably insta-buy from Blizzard.

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    My best guess would be an RPG single player game or Warcraft 4 being completely strategy based like its predecessor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ehrenpanzer View Post
    Right. Now lets see that number AFTER the amount of people who returned it, or the amount of people that got it free from WoW removed. The initial sales were based on hype and the promise of the continuation of what made D1 and D2 the legends they are and anyone with a shred of sense and ability to accept reality will admit D3 doesn't even come close.
    You're just gonna cling to that hate, aren't ya?

    I won't bother replying, you're irrational.

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