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    From june to blizzcon. Your predictions?

    I know there is much time for blizzcon but.

    What is your predictions for upcoming months?
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    I am hoping for another non overwatch hero. We need more Diablo and starcraft heroes.

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    Kel'thuzad, maev shadowsong and hopefully some non-overwatch heroes (really sick of the attack while moving mechanic on ranged heroes).

    Hopefully they do some more reworks on old heroes (thrall and kerrigan come to mind)

    I wouldnt mind seeing some more diablo and starcraft heroes either, but out of possible characters available warcraft has a very long list of potential heroes to tick off.
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    Deathwing heralds the sweltering summer heat with a new summer event. Who better to come cool you off after than Kel'thuzad?

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    Marauder (tank), Spellbreaker (tank), some Zerg support, Imperius, Grom, and Kel'thuzad.

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    I highly expect a Warcraft Hero next as they released 3 Overwatch, 1 Diablo and 1 Starcraft Heroes this year so far.

    However looking at the current roster, I really want to see a true Tank and another Global. Double Warrior meta makes the Warrior options healthy, but a Warrior capable of solo tanking could shake the meta a bit. Reason why I think they should add another global is, usually on big maps both teams need to split Dehaka and Falstad or ban both of them so none is at disadvantage.
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    Starcraft or warcraft for the next hero.

    I am thinking support.
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    Warcraft heroes twice in a row, then Diablo and Starcraft.

    What Warcraft heroes?

    Support - Velen maybe, or Anduin.
    Tank/multiclass - Grom/Garrosh Hellscream
    Specialist - Kel'Thuzad
    Assassin - Maiev Shadowsong, Varimathras

    Out of the hat: Hogger (assassin)

    Could also be summer fire/ice combo with Deathwing/Kelthuzad. I know both are highly expected.


    Belial or Malthael (Another diablo bad guy is needed, and hasnt come in a while)
    Aidan (the dark wanderer)


    Zerg hero, im predicting infested Stukov, most likely.

    Out of the hat:

    Blizzard Classic

    Kyle "Blackthorne" Vlaros
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    A support and a tank hero, either from Warcraft or Diablo. And a specialist from Overwatch.

    I see us getting a hgc loot box maybe?

    I see anub getting nerfed. Gazlowe/Li LI/ Leoric getting a rework. And perhaps ETC getting a buff.
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    Anything but another OW hero i hope
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    Courtesy of Reddit:

    I don't think it really points towards an event, probably just something you get for logging in/playing a game around june 2nd. My reasoning for this is that the season ends the 13th, so you'd expect the patch to land alongside it. I guess it doesn't nescessarily have to, though.

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    WTB Kil'jaeden or Archimonde.

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    I want to see Yrel as a hero she would be so awesome.
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    I just want 1-2 maps of Warcraft and heroes of Diablo (Belial, Adria, Maltael, etc)

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    Argus and/or whatever comes after Argus. Probably more focus on the naga and N'Zoth


    A new expansion


    News. I dunno.


    - New hero (my guess is Doomfist)
    - New map

    Heroes of the Storm:

    Kel'Thuzad, Deathwing, and/or Grom/Garrosh, and also hopefully a Warcraft themed map
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    a god damn draenei hero!

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    Hrm. What I would love to see is:

    Velen: Next multi-class hero, choosing at level 10 between holy (support) or shadow (assassin).

    Reinhardt: A more traditional tank warrior, something the game sorely needs.

    Maghda: A specialist who spawns minions that grow stronger the lower her health drops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dartz1979 View Post
    I want to see Yrel as a hero she would be so awesome.
    The only WoD character worth adding to HotS is Blackhand.

    Velen or Nobundo would be better choices for the draenei rep.

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    I'm still waiting for the Blizzcon skin announcement
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    We need a Abathur alike hero, or swann/fenix maybe would be cool

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