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    Quote Originally Posted by Dankdruid View Post
    this is a great brawl. timer or no timer.

    don't really know why people are crying as if a 15 min timer being added is make or break for if they enjoy it.
    Because before the timer you had to score the ball 10 times to end the brawl. With equal teams this would turn into teams turtling in the base for one hour until people start leaving.

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    i like it.. it kind of reminds me of my favorite pvp map huttball(swtor)

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    Quote Originally Posted by netherflame View Post
    I've noticed alliance is actually pretty good in all these Brawls, its pretty surprising walking into a BG as horde and actually needing to try.
    Never noticed. Only done the required amount, but only issue I've had as horde was WSG and that was from 2 losses because people just treated it like normal and tried to fight kid and no one wanted to carry flags. Other than that, I've been in roflstomps or close games.

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    I liked all the other ones so far, a lot! But, no can't really get into this one it kind of aggravates me and I lose interest, guess its a random bg week for me.
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