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    [A] Deus Ex Machina, 7/7M + 3/3M + 10/10M

    I am going to try and keep this short and sweet. The guild Deus ex Machina was created at the start of Wrath of the Lich King, a vast majority of the members back then can be seen upon this very day. Our goal as a guild is fairly simple, to do what we can with the time we invest, that is, 12 hours/week with days that are going to be specified later on. This tier has been the best for us throughout our entire history, which itself is riddled with all kinds of hardships, memories and the occasional french accent. We managed to end with a respectable rank of 484 after our first expansion as a 20man raiding guild. This story about fame and fortune is yet to begin though, the question I have to you is, do you dare to venture down this road with me?

    Recruitment wise we're looking for either of the following dps:

    - Warloc
    - Shadow priest
    - Ret paladin
    - Rogue
    - Warrior
    - Death knight

    Your best bet is to add Kakmonstret#2723 for a better talk

    Requirements as a raider

    - Attendance on atleast two raiding nights, monday, wednesday and thursday 20-23.
    - Gemmed/enchanted gear along with appropriate talents for the given encounter. Seems like a basic thing to expect, but I've seen my fair share of bullshit thoughout my days.
    - Tactical knowledge for the given encounter. That is, all-around knowledge, not just the the most obvious aspects such as that fire is bad, red is dead etc.
    - Discord and the ability to use your mic. I can not stress this enough, a mute raider is in my eyes a worthless raider.
    - The ability to work as a team in high tension environments that are frequent with progress. I have no interest whatsoever in any prepubescent child that can't see further than the length of his own nose.

    What you can expect from Deus Ex Machina:

    - A mature environment and raiding on common grounds
    - A steady guild that has been around since years and will keep on being so.
    - A open loot council where we discuss loot amongst ourselves.
    - Midnight mayhem on Discord slightly after midnight

    Kakmonstret - Scourge of the trade channel

    - - - Updated - - -

    You either die a hero or live long enough to kill your own waifu. In our case I bring a progress update with the death of Ellisande, which brings us to 9/10 Mythic and Gul'dan as the final bad guy. Incredibly well played guys, keep it strong for the final boss and let us have a moment of silence for our favorite Highborn ������

    Recruitment wise one healer is still welcome, resto druid or holy paladin.
    Caster dps as well, warlock, where art thou?

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    WTB 9/10M in the topic, also come join us for some fun with Gul'dan!

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    More raiding tomorrow! Hopefully we can clear our farm and get back to Gul'dan asap.

    Recruitment wise we've had a couple of interesting players. What really would make our day is a capable warlock. Don't be shy - Kakmonstret#2723

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    Still could use a healer as well as that warlock or another ranged class.

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    Gul'dan brought to 18%, getting closer to that demon within phase!

    Looking to add one more healer, resto druid preferred. Also one or two caster dps.
    Gul'dan progress/tomb fun is to be had - Kakmonstret#2723

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    Got to see the demon within phase, exciting!

    Also had a very promising resto druid start raiding with us. That aside, some solid caster dps are wanted now. Warlock for starters. Also considering warrior or rogue!


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    Super super close to a gul'dan kill, 10sec away or so but panic got the best of us.

    We're really looking to add some quality dps, not just for now but for Tomb as well. Don't be shy, especially looking at either a dk, warrior or ret pala. Also a warlock or spriest.


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    Our long struggle is finally over, Gul'dan has fallen! I barely dared to think that we would kill him after all the struggles we've gone through this tier, people issues and getting rid of some bad apples.

    This being said, we're looking to go even stronger in Tomb and want to recruit a warrior, rogue or ret paladin. Also a warlock, spriest, mage or hunter. Essentially, capable dps.

    Kakmonstret#2723 for those interested!

    - - - Updated - - -

    We've decided to migrate to Frostmane! Decision being that Xavius has been a struggle over the years and the server has very much declined. We've been the only Alliance guild for god knows how long and thus grown tired of the hardships that comes with recruiting to a low pop realm.

    Really looking to recruit either of the following melee, warrior, ret pala or rogue! Also a warlock, spriest or mage.


    - - - Updated - - -

    Had words with a dk, we'll see where that leads us! Just to make it clear, we are going to move to Frostmane as of this Monday, the 12th of June.

    Applicants will of course be welcome there, to a server that is significantly better Alliance wise compared to Xavius.

    Some caster dps would be sick, warlock/spriest. Also a ret pala or rogue.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Monday is almost upon us and with that our migration to Frostmane!

    Looking to add a warlock or spriest. Caster dps in general are welcome. Same can be said about either a warrior, ret paladin or death knight!


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    We got one final battle in us before we depart Xavius and arrive on Frostmane! Looking to clear mythic ToV again for those that missed their Helya feat.

    Also happy to announce that I spoke with a very promising warlock and we'll be having him with us on our new realm. Same can be said about a ret paladin and warrior.

    Recruitment wise that is leaving us open for a spriest or rogue. Capable players are of course welcome to poke me at Kakmonstret#2723

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