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    887 Frost Mage Seeking help.

    Hey everyone.

    I ran Normal Nighhold with my guild Sunday night doing a full clear as a Frost. Not sure if i'm doing anything wrong or not seeing as I've played Fire since the beginning.I think I know the basics but if anyone can give a guy some guidance that would be awesome.

    Here are my logs from Sunday night:



    This is my armory:


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    Rule number one: get shattercapped. You sir are not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnomorepuns View Post
    Rule number one: get shattercapped. You sir are not.
    That's not the problem at all. Shattercap is just a recommended value not mandatory. 31% crit is totally fine.

    I was looking at your Krosus log and noticed, that you cast a frostbolt after your ebonbolt. That's one mistake. you immediatley cast flurry + icelance after your ebonbolt so ebonbolt and icelance benefit from the shatter debuff of flurry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnomorepuns View Post
    Rule number one: get shattercapped. You sir are not.
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    33% crit is absolutely not mandatory, around 30% is fine. You could do with a bit more haste though, 20% is quite low. But you have bis legendaries, just get a bit more haste gear and you'll be good, gear-wise.

    On most of your logs, you don't always cast an ice lance after your flurries. You should always do it, you lose a ton of damage/IV uptime by not doing so. And like Wrathson said, always cast flurry after ebonbolt. Flurry with brain freeze proc leaves a debuff on the target, making it so that it is considered frozen, therefore the shatter passive will apply, so your ebonbolt should always crit that way.
    Also on Guldan, you had 45 brain freeze procs but cast only 37 flurries, that's a lot of wasted procs, try to be careful not to waste so much.

    And you don't seem to be aware of the double ice lance trick. It's already mostly removed on ptr, but still, if you want to optimize your damage, watch Evandis's frost mage guide (can't post link sorry) that's a simple guide on frost and this trick. And try to get Guldan's trinket. It can be very rng, but usually it is quite good if you get a proc during your IV.
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    No enchants on Neck and Cloak.
    I dont believe AG is better than UM, especially for Krosus. (Which you only casted once)
    Someone also mentioned the FB after Flurry instead of FB>Flurry>IL

    I'd recommend reading guides on here such as Kunis that is stickied (Lists it as 7.1 but not much has changed so its all still relevant) and Thingys guide on Alteredtime.

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    Looking at your logs i see some fundamental flaws in your rotation. I recommend the altered-time.com guide from thingy (https://www.altered-time.com/forum/v...php?f=5&t=3548)

    Things i noticed in your logs(trilliax in this case):

    - pre potion would have given you two potions of prolong power in this fight
    - you didn't use your second bloodlust. In fights like this i use it back to back and are able to extend icy viens until the next one is almost up.
    - You have a odd low number of casts. I checked my trilliax log from heroic last night and i doubled your flurry casts and trippled your ice lance casts. My fight did last 40 seconds longer though. Be sure to alway be casting! You had 28 seconds downtime, i had 7 seconds for example.

    Furthermore you are missing important enchants:

    - Mark of the Satyr on neck
    - 200 int on cloak
    - 200 crit / haste on rings
    - One 200 int gem (put it in your legendary ring)

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    Shatter cap is not something you should be concerned about. It's only a point after which Crits value takes a dump.

    There is no magical DPS increase from getting it. On my mage at like 27% crit, haste sims better even though I have near equal values of crit and haste.

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