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    Found a guild......
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    <Dark Society> is a horde guild on Frostmane - US, and we are recruiting skilled and active dps for mythic NH progression. We are currently 4/10 M. Our current needs are a fury warrior, assassin rogue, boomkin, or aff lock, but exceptional players of any class/role will be considered.

    Raid Schedule

    Mon 8-11 CST

    Thu 8-11 CST

    Sat 8-12 CST


    We are fairly laid back and very tightly knit with a strong core. We have extremely low tolerance for rage or drama, and want to enjoy the game while pushing a high level of progression. We do expect our raiders to be well prepared for raids, with gems/enchants and food/flasks. We also expect raiders to have watched videos for mythic fights.

    If you are interested in joining or would like to find out more, feel free to add my battletag, SpookyGhost #1176

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