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    I'd assume it's affliction warlock too. As for ret I think their survivability is completely different depending on the content because of the retribution passive; in random BGs the passive will almost always be up after all, in arena it should almost never be up.

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    warlock and take demon skin for gods sake! So many locks don't run demon skin and for what? So they can maybe use burning rush to get out of a mechanic a hair faster when I (a warlock with demon skin) can just stand in most shit and heal myself up afterwards by just doing my rotation like normal.

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    for random bg's

    most durable - unholy dk by far
    self sustain - rets and monks

    all rogues - if you want to solo play roll rogue stay out of group fights, if you get focus vanished eat and repeat. best self sustain imo

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    I would say UH DK, DH, Ret or Arms war. All can be shutdown but all are fairly tanky.

    Saw Fury warrior mentioned..... I don't think it is the squishiest but it is def not tanky. You have decent heals especially if you spec for it but you also take 20% increased dmg while enraged which can happen often. It is a blast to play but can be pretty frustrating if you think you are tanky, over extend and then get targeted by 2-3 enemy players. You may be able to do decent dmg to one of them but you are likely to die before the kill if they are not skill level potato.

    Edit: I swapped my DK from frost to uh and couldn't believe all of the defense (corpse shield, IBF, AMS). I don't agree with how they screwed frost spec by taking asphyxiate and death coil but let UH keep them AND have ICEbound fortitude and chains of ICE. I am not sure when these changes took place as I stopped playing in the middle of WoD but right now frost sucks (a little off topic but not all DK specs are equal).
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    It's quite funny seeing people say affliction warlock when it's one of the squishiest specs right now.

    Only a person who probably only does normal bgs and rarely pvps would say affliction warlock.

    In open world pvp, affliction is one of the worst at surviving.
    Arenas ? same.

    Affliction is only decent in bgs when they can dot everything and get good returns on soul leech to keep themselves relatively tanky.

    In terms of open world the most durable dps is the one that kills the fastest and/or has ways to avoid taking damage, ret is a very good option in a 1v1 scenario due to lay of hands/bubble , fury warrior comes tied to that due to the ridiculous amount of burst and sustain they can pull off, DH are strong in open world only while meta is active ( giving a fake sense of durability), they do die quite easily if stunned and unable to leech.

    In arenas, Arms warrior and Unholy dk are by far the tankiest dps specs.

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