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    Customizable DPS chart, all heroes, with range, accuracy, target nb

    Hi guys,
    I had a lot of fun creating a small spreadsheet that would calculate each hero's dps, according to user inputs such as accuracy, distance from target, and shot charge (for Zarya, Sym, Hanzo, etc).
    I made this initially to answer my own questions about who is the best for which situation, after reading a lot debates on some heroes (Roadhog vs Reaper, Tracer vs Soldier, Zarya vs Reinhardt, etc).

    > Link <

    I've determined a mitigated DPS value that will for example consider sustained dps, with clip reload, max weapon range, splash damage, or distance from which you can't do that much damage for certain heroes.

    Feel free to comment !
    Have fun

    All values were taken from different websites, but mainly from http://overwatch.gamepedia.com.
    p.s : For the list to refresh, just follow the instructions in the main sheet's blue frame.
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