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    Simple Frost questions

    Hello! I main an Enh shaman but lately everytime I log in I immediately go to my DK because he's awesome to play. Considering on making a main switch and just had some frost questions.

    I read on icy veins a solid breakpoint for crit is 20%, after that stats seem to be equal. But I was wondering what a good minimum haste is for BoS build. I really do main Blood but tank spots are full in my guild and I have much more fun with frost. (IE - mostly crit mast vers gear)

    I sit at 25% crit 20% haste but have a badass crit ring that would make me 29% crit 18% haste. With the original ring my stat weights are all about 15 according to simc with Str being 19. That sound about right? 901 in frost gear. Usually use necro ring and boots. Have prydaz but dont need the shield.

    Trinket wise I just stick to my 895 Horn and 900 CoF both socketed. I do have a 890 angerboda and 905 claw. Should I use claw instead of CoF in +s since I can't really BoS on trash?

    Thanks for any help!

    (Has is it ever been tested to see if you could get enough haste to maintain breath?)

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    Frost has no breakpoints, the higher ilvl piece is always better (apart from rings/necks/trinkets), generally use whatever setup sims the highest.

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    When in doubt, sim. The secondary stat weights are often so close that the higher ilvl on jewelery wins out, but sim to be sure. On non-jewelery the higher ilvl almost always wins out thanks to how heavily strength is weighted.

    In my experience 20% is a good haste value to stick around. Get below that and the rotation gets a bit wonky, get much higher than that and its weighting starts to drop. Don't be afraid to let it get low if the sims recommend it, though, for a brief period I was at around 14% haste. Breaths were tougher to maintain and I would occasionally have to waste Rime procs to keep Breath up but it wasn't too bad.

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    Solid feedback, thanks. Only follow up question then is do I keep my 4 piece to help sustain BoS or use some higher ilvl pieces? I don't know the uptime simc has on my breaths but I do keep them up for quite a while with help from 4p.

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    Set piece bonuses are strong for Frost, you keep the set together unless they are laughable ilevel, like LFR.

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    It can't be overstated how powerful the four set bonus is. I would say it's easily worth 20 ilvls at least.

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    Has is it ever been tested to see if yo

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