Hey everyone,

I have played WoW off and on since Vanilla, I played heavily through Vanilla, TBC, WotLK, quit during Cataclysm and returned to play heavily in MoP.

I quit once again during highmaul raiding to find myself itching to check out this expansion and after spending close to a month during this point of Legion I decided once again to part ways with WoW.

This decision is not due to the game being bad in any case, I personally have really enjoyed the small amount of raiding I have done and possibly would have stayed had I found a raiding guild that suited me, but after spending the last week with mind numb grinding over many achievements I decided that perhaps its time to move on.

I really enjoyed the addition of World Quests and invasions because it is a really cool feature to bring players together.

The looking for group premade feature has been a really cool addition to WoW, it makes finding groups for someone who isn't in a guild very quick and painless.

I was a bit intimidated by mythic + dungeons until learning the mechanics but once that was done I realized that it is a challenging way to stay busy even though it is rinsing and repeating content.

The Looking for Guild feature however really needs to get checked out as it is filled with out dated guilds, most of which arent even around.

My server apparently merged and filled with horde now which made leveling and doing dailies a big pain as I continuously got beat up as a resto druid by many of them.

I think had i been on a more populated PVE server I would have had a better time, and possibly found a guild and stayed to raid a few nights a week as a resto druid but the thing I realized is that when you're playing solo all you end up doing is running around trying to get collect achievements.

WoW is a much more enjoyable game when you're a part of a community such as a guild.
Enjoy your community, appreciate your guild, and be good to your friends.
Even though most of us will never meet in real life, I have made many friends playing wow over the years.
Be good to one another!


Thank you guys for reading, Enjoy Azeroth.
I am sure I will return for another visit at some point in my future.


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