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    <Padlords> located on Baelgun Alliance, We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild currently 10/10M Nighthold | 3/3M ToV | 7/7M EN.

    ==| Recruitment Information |==

    We raid Tuesday, Thursday & Monday | 8:00PM to 12:00PM EST (7PM-11PM CST)
    (Wednesday is added on the first, second or both week(s) of new content)

    Looking for any exceptional raiders for Tomb of Sargeras & Future Raids.

    Current High Demand:
    Rogue (HIGH)
    Demon hunter (HIGH)
    Shadow Priest (HIGH)
    Mage (MED)
    Ele Shaman (HIGH)

    (Even if your class isn't listed we will always consider)

    Realm First: Mythic Gul'dan
    Mythic Helya
    Mythic Xavius

    ==| Contact Information |==


    Ingame / Battletags:
    Magikilla - Tyraels#1495
    Curgigga - Deamon#1918

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    <A> Celestial Vanguard-Elune (7/10M) Looking for exceptional DPS of all Specs!

    If you are a skilled dps and have the parses to prove it, Celestial Vanguard of Elune/Gilneas may be the place for you!

    We have need of a few DPS to replace some burnouts, to finish strong in NH and make the best possible start in ToS.

    We raid Wed/Thurs/Mon, 9-11:30 EST.

    Preferred contact is via BTAG (Redux#1925)
    Secondary is this post.

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    <Fallen Empire> is a competitive raiding guild on Thunderhorn - US. Our core group of players are exceptional at their roles and have years of mythic raiding experience under their belt. We are a dedicated raiding guild that helps our players get the most out of the game and their goals. We foster a mature, fun and relaxed atmosphere but expect all our raiders to be prepared and excited to work on progression content. We value teamwork, communication, and fun!

    Recruiting Healers, DPS (Range preference)
    All excellent players will be considered regardless of class.
    Min 50 traits points.

    Current Progression:

    10/10 H Nighthold
    8/10 M Nighthold
    7/7 M Emerald Nightmare

    Raid Times
    Tuesday 8-11 CST
    Wednesday 8-11 CST
    Monday 8-11 CST

    Want to chat with one of our super cool officers? Add one of the following battle tags


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    Karam! I would love to talk to you about joining our guild!

    l'll keep this short and sweet: Dawn of the Dead | Zul'Jin [H] has an opening for a skilled and reliable Demon Hunter for an immediate core spot on our progression raid team.

    We are a very friendly, experienced, active progression raiding guild. We are currently 9/10M Nighthold | 2/3M Trial of Valor | 7/7M Emerald Nightmare. Our environment is one that is focused on getting raid content down swiftly while still having fun. We're not a bleeding edge progression guild, but we're not super casual either.

    We raid 3 days a week: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8 - 11 EST

    We've been around since day-one and have been raiding for 10 years now, and are the only guild on Zul'Jin to have done so. Most of our members are out of school and have jobs, so we offer a more mature, stable, balanced environment. How many other raiders can say they've done everything from Ragnaros to Archimonde (twice) in the same guild?

    I'd encourage you to learn a little more about us and let us know if you have any other questions. Feel free to contact an officer directly in-game, whisper Xanah (Xana#1662), Taladros (Rallion#11635) or Jeare (Jeare#1759).

    Learn more at www.dotd.org if you're interested, or visit - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/16201080204#1

    We look forward to hearing from you (and hopefully playing with you) soon!!

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    Good Afternoon,

    We would really be interested in talking to you about a core spot moving into ToS. We are a 10/10M guild US99 and we have been ranked in the top 42-100 Range since Throne of Thunder and have a very stable roster of core members who have been playing together for quite a long time. I will give you to obligatory spam after this but please feel free to add me so we could discuss a possible trial with us



    We are <Imba>, on the US Lightning’s Blade connected realm group. We finished our 3/3M Trial of Valor progression ranked 52nd in the US. We are currently searching for skilled players who share our goals and mindset.

    High-demand recruitment needs are as follows:

    -Ele Shaman
    -Any exceptional players in rolls not listed will always be considered

    <Imba> is a guild that prides itself on being able to get content done in a timely manner while keeping the raid environment much less stressful than guilds with a similar rank. Here are some things you can expect if you join <Imba>:

    No required alts
    No split runs
    No forced main swaps if you play an underperforming class/spec
    No extended mandatory raid hours beyond our scheduled 12, even during progression

    We here at <Imba> have a solid collection of people, many of whom have been playing together since WotLK and Cataclysm. The people we’d like to recruit are those who want to be long term members of a stable guild with a proven philosophy and track record. If you join us you will be given a chance to stand out and earn your raid spot. Everyone here sees significant raid time; we do not recruit for the bench and we keep our roster tight to maximize consistency.

    Our 12-hour progression raid schedule goes from Monday to Thursday, 9:00pm to midnight EDT.

    While we enjoy spending time together outside of raid, these are the only 12 hours you are required to be online. We never go over these posted hours, even during the first weeks of progression in a new raid.

    Our past progression:
    Nighthold: 10/10M - US 99th
    Trial of Valor: 3/3M - US 52nd
    Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M - US 86th
    Hellfire Citadel: 13/13M - US 44th
    Blackrock Foundry: 10/10M - US 76th
    Highmaul: 7/7M - US 76th
    Siege of Orgrimmar: 14/14H - US 98th (25-man)
    Throne of Thunder: 13/13H - US 93rd (10-man)

    All loot during main raids is awarded via loot council. While there are many factors that determine who gets loot, our main goal is to place each piece where it will most help the raid progress. We do not punish members for taking items that are not their best in slot but still an upgrade. We place a high value on loyalty and attendance, and tend to award the best items to individuals who have proven themselves to be trustworthy, skilled, and reliable.

    We expect all members to maintain high attendance, and the be attentive and aware during raids. We expect a high level of maturity, patience, and a constructive attitude. In return, you can expect from us a raid environment free of raging, yelling, and belittling. The first and foremost thing to remember is that raiding is a team game, and we believe that being able to work well together is the #1 factor to being able to kill a boss.

    Outside raids:
    <Imba> is big on community and getting to know each other better outside of raid hours is something we believe helps us work better together as a team. From in-game activities (PvP, old content) to other games (Overwatch, D3, DoTA, LoL, SC2, FFXIV, and more) to just hanging out on Mumble chatting until the wee hours of the morning, we very much like to emphasize how well we get along and the absence of cliques within the guild.

    Feel free to contact any one of us in-game via our

    Negative (Recruitment Officer) - Negative#1554
    Vil (Officer) - Vil#1725
    Jadawin (Guild Dictator) - Jadahack#1693

    Applications are open via our guild website, and we hope to hear from you soon!

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    Hi Nummy,

    We are 10/10M and raid t/w/th 6-9PST. Very in need of a DH.

    My btag is Wsedecus#1924 to speak more

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    [teamLUST], Mal'ganis Horde- is a 3 day a week raiding guild.
    Our times:
    Tuesday/Thursday/Monday: 7:30PM - 11:30PM CST
    Optional Wednesday Raid: Currently doing H NH for guild gear.

    Current Progress: 8/10M, 2/3M, 7/7M.

    Here's our recruitment post:

    Here's our guild site:

    You can get in touch with us:
    Bnet- Valythe#1677, Discord- Valythe#9674
    Bnet- Druiman#1421, Discord- Druiman#9501
    Bnet- Muse#1836, Discord- Muse#3986

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    Hey Karam. Our guild <Carried> is on the same server you are (newly formed from another server). Might be a good fit. We raid Fri-Sat 10PM ET-1AM ET and are looking to add Sunday when ToS launches. Currently 10/10H and are starting Mythic runs soon. Hit me up if you're interested. Btag is XzistencE#1970

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    Found a guild thanks boys.

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    Hello. We are <Serendipity> of Korgath. 10/10M currently looking to improve our roster for Tomb of Sargeras

    Our raid times are Tues/Wed 730-1130pm CST and we have an optional 5-630pm CST raid on Tues/Wed where we clear Heroic and Normal Nighthold. We would love to offer you a main raid spot.

    We have an active M+ community and require everyone to finish a 15 each week. We also have a very welcoming group of people and cliques are definitely not allowed.

    If you are interested, add rigby#1872 or for a faster response fillout a short application here: serendipitykorgath.enjin/recruitment.

    Thanks and have a nice day!

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    <Mutiny> is currently recruiting for Mythic Nighthold and upcoming Tomb of Sargeras progression!

    Daytime aiding is the most underrepresented time to raid, and many of our members work nights/early mornings or live overseas. We are currently 10/10H and 3/10M, and several of our raiders have previously completed further NH Mythic content.

    We are currently fleshing out our team in preparation for Tomb of Sargeras, and we aim to hit the new tier with a full core of 20-25 members, entering Mythic content as soon as it's available.

    Our team raids from 3PM - 6PM EST, Tues/Wed/Mon.

    We also run M+ and old content on off-nights, and our tight-knit community is active in-game and on Discord.

    Current needs:
    • Tanks: Need one dedicated main tank, all classes considered
    • Healers: Need 1 healer, ideally with a dps offspec (all classes considered)
    • DPS: Ranged, bonus points for heal/tank offspec (but not required)

    If interested, please contact the guild master, Shamsquatch, at his Discord (Shamsquatch#1799) or Battle.net (GiantSham#1219).

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    [H] Frostmane <Dark Society> (5/10M) - Recruting for strong ToS Start/NH Progression

    <Dark Society> was founded at the launch of Legion, with most of us having plenty of previous raiding experience. We formed to be as casual as possible while still successfully pushing end game content. We take Mythic raiding seriously, but we do understand most our members have jobs, kids, or other important things to deal with outside of WoW. We realize that attendance can not be a perfect 100% of the time. However, if you want to be part of our core raid group we require your attendance to be 85% or higher on a monthly average. We also require our raiders to have a deep understanding of raid encounters, and to maximize the development and knowledge of their character. We also have a great group of social and casual players, should you not desire to raid as regularly and intently as our core raid team.
    Our raid time: 8 PM - 11 PM Server Time M/Th
    8PM - 12 AM Server Time Sat

    Our current progression is: 5/10M NH

    How to contact us : You can respond to this thread or contact one of the officer through Bnet:
    Class Priority:

    Death Knight-High
    Demon Hunter-High
    Druid (Feral)-Medium

    Death Knight-Low
    Demon Hunter-Low

    What do we require:

    -Attendance: We require at least 85% attendance. We do understand that real life will take priority, but we do require you to notify an officer if you are going to miss a raid. This does include accepting or declining on the calendar as well as notifying an officer on discord or in game.

    -Punctuality: Raid invites will always start 10 mins before the raid start time. We expect everyone to be ready and prepared. This means you must have all the flasks, foods, potions (and any other item necessary for the raid) ready before you come to the raid. We do offer flasks, potions, and food from our guild bank at a discounted rate, but we expect you to have gotten these prior to raid invites as well.

    -Communication: We expect you to be able to understand and speak English well enough to communicate with the guild or at least to understand when things are explained in Discord.
    -Know your class: Whether you are a tank, healer or dps you must know how to play it, know the strengths and weaknesses, master the rotation and have the ability to adapt on the fly in order to put out the best performance possible.

    -Be a team player: You are expected to do the mechanics accordingly and perform any other tasks assigned to you by the Raid Leader. We do not tolerate boss tunneling, meter whoring or selfish behavior. You are part of a team and everyone needs to do his/her part for all to benefit.

    -Be able to take criticism: Nobody is perfect and we know that but we expect all our members to be able to take the advice and constructive criticism given in order to improve their performance. Outbursts during the raid, openly flaming fellow raid members or repeatedly ignoring the advice from the raid leader will result in immediate removal from the raid or even the guild. We do not tolerate drama, if you have a problem take it in private to an officer after the raid.

    -Know the current raid tier inside and out: This means watching boss fights prior to encounters and asking any questions regarding the content.

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    Guild Name: Deprave
    Realm: US-Zul'jin (PvE)
    Faction: Horde
    Current Progression | 7/7M | 3/3H | 10/10H | 8/10M / 9/9N / 6/9h
    Schedule: Tues/Wed/Thurs 9:00pm - 11:30pm EST

    Loot is distributed via RC Loot Council. Based on a variety of factors including attendance, necessity, performance and size of upgrade to the raid as a whole.

    What we're looking for:
    As a 3 day/ 7 1/2HR per week guild, we need to make every hour we play count. As such we're looking for players who's attitudes and personality fit in with our current group of players. We're looking for people who value approaching a new challenge by preparing and utilizing all resources they have at their disposal... not wasting their own time or their teammates' by coming into a new challenge unprepared or unresearched.

    Ability to make 90% of our raids.

    Dedicated raiding mindset. This includes using consumables on every fight, researching your classes' theorycrafting to min-max to the fullest, looking at your classes' tips/tricks before each new raid encounter, being on time and ready for every night, etc.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY: We're looking for intelligent human beings, and you should be able to convey your intelligence in how you present yourself. This includes knowing game mechanics, having quick reaction time, and being able to learn from your mistakes. You should be able to explain your classes' weakness and strengths, know the theorycraft to min/max your class, and what abilities to use when. You must be able to learn quickly from your mistakes and adapt to new situations, as well as have a strong sense of situational awareness and the ability to multi-task effectively.

    Our class needs are as follows:

    Tank - N/A
    Healer - N/A
    Range Dps - N/A
    Melee DPS - Assasination Rogue / Havoc Demon / Ret Paladin / Enchancement Shaman / Feral Druid

    NOTE: We are not recruiting this many players. We have a lot of options to which classes we can take, and have a general need for good players of specific roles defined above.

    At minimum we are current looking for Raiders with:

    -910 equip ilvl or higher Equip
    -Artifact Weapon level of 55 or higher

    You can also add any of our officers' BattleTag(s) if you have any questions.


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