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    Subforum for Warcraft RTS

    This is something I don't ever see requested, but I think there would be enough discussion that warrants its own subforum. The RTS games play a huge role of the Warcraft universe and its the foundation of the game we have this forum for. Warcraft 3 still has a thriving community with a lot of unique custom games to talk about, and it might be easy to find new friends to play with. There's still a lot of competition to be found in ladder with a lot of different strategies to talk about. I hope this is something to consider.

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    I'll keep this in mind, but generally we like to see a healthy amount of discussion in a megathread or a few threads before we create a subforum.

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    Thanks. I'd like to mention that I also like the idea of a subforum based on all of Blizzards classics, which would include the RTS titles aswell. So there's possibly even more activity to be drawn if there's enough to talk about. I'd like to see a proper megathread going for these games but I'm not the right person to make one, I was hoping to see enough Warcraft fans around that would like the idea of this new subforum.

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