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    [H][LFG][US] Havoc DH LF late night raiding guild

    Forgot too add ilvl 908
    Currently on thrall.

    Times available: 10pm to when ever. Time Zone: Mountain Time

    Server preference: Pve - hoping not having to switch realms from thrall.

    Faction preference: Horde

    Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-hardcore

    Current progression/experience: 5/10m with some progression on Tich

    Recent logs:
    Since I cant post logs please message me for them.

    Contact info: Discord: Soul#3461 Bnet: Soul#14300

    I would like the guild to be around 5/10M or more. I would like to try to stay on thrall, BUT if a guild wants me to switch realms I wouldn't mind checking out the realm. BUT the guild has to help me pay for the realm change.
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