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    Malthael - Melee Assassin - Diablo Hero


    Malthael was a gaunt figure, adorned in black robes and armor. As the Archangel of Wisdom, he was once an intelligent and noble being who was said to cherish all life. However, he came to be regarded as melancholic, evasive and even frightening, and was an enigma even to his own kind. He rarely spoke, was slow to anger and could be ponderous and slow to act, but was revered by other angels for his insight. When he did speak, his voice was said to have enraptured other angels through its melody and the wisdom it conveyed. However, as his demeanor darkened, his voice became chilling and could even provoke thoughts of foreboding and feelings of angst. Malthael saw humanity as an "abomination" that shouldn't exist. In his writings, Malthael revealed that he started hearing strange voices calling him to Pandemonium. After learning about the potential and power that humanity had within itself, he concluded them to be abominations as he thought that their ability to have free will was not natural in the order of things between angels and demons.

    As the Angel of Death, Malthael became even darker, callously murdering those who opposed him and seeing things in black and white. He saw virtue only in the Light, and had no interest in the concept of the Balance. He was willing to destroy humanity by any means necessary and even went so far as to betray his angelic brethren. His wings, once bright and purple, had become white and wispy, skeletal in their appearance.


    Trait - Reaper's Mark
    Basic Attacks afflict non-Structure targets with Reaper's Mark for 4 seconds. Marked enemies are revealed and take damage equal to 2.5% of their maximum Health every 1 second.

    Soul Rip (Q)
    Extract the souls of nearby enemies afflicted by Reaper's Mark, dealing 100 damage and healing Malthael for 44 per target hit. Heroic targets heal Malthael for an additional 3% of the Hero's maximum Health.

    Wraith Strike (W)
    Instantly teleport through an enemy afflicted by Reaper's Mark, dealing 59 damage and refreshing Reaper's Mark.

    Death Shroud (E)
    After 0.25 seconds, unleash a wave of dark mist that applies Reaper's Mark to enemies it hits.

    Tormented Souls (R1)
    Gain 20 Armor and unleash a torrent of souls, continually applying Reaper's Mark to nearby enemies for 4 seconds.

    Last Rites (R2)
    Apply a death sentence to an enemy Hero that, after 2 seconds, deals damage equal to 50% of their missing Health. Repeatable Quest: Enemies killed while under the effect of Last Rites permanently reduce its cooldown by 5 seconds, to a minimum of 15 seconds.


    Level 1
    • [W] Death's Reach - Increase Wraith Strike's range by 35%.
    • [Z] On a Pale Horse - Gain an additional 20% Movement Speed while mounted
    • [Active] Fear the Reaper - Activate to increase Movement Speed by 25% and pass through other units for 4 seconds.

    Level 4
    • [Q] Die Alone - Soul Rip deals 75% more damage if it hits only one Hero.
    • [E] Throwing Shade - [!] Quest: Hit 20 Heroes with Death Shroud. Reward: Permanently increase Death Shroud's range by 33%, and reduce its cooldown by 2 seconds.
    • [Trait] Black Harvest - [!] Quest: Apply Reaper's Mark to Heroes for a total of 150 seconds. Reward: Permanently increase Reaper's Mark's duration by 2 seconds.

    Level 7
    • [Q] Cold Hand - Soul Rip Slows enemies by 20% for 2.5 seconds.
    • [W] Mortality - When damaging a Hero, Wraith Strike deals bonus damage equal to 4% of the Hero's maximum Health.
    • [Active] Touch of Death - Activate to reduce healing received by Heroes afflicted by Reaper's Mark by 50% for 4 seconds.

    Level 13
    • [Q] Soul Siphon - Increase Soul Rip's bonus healing from Heroes to 4% of the Hero's maximum Health.
    • [Trait] Ethereal Existence - Gain 15 Physical Armor per enemy Hero afflicted by Reaper's Mark, up to a maximum of 45.
    • [Active] Inevitable End - Activate to become Unstoppable for 2 seconds, but remove all active Reaper's Marks.
    • [Active] Shroud of Wisdom- After 2 seconds, gain 50 Spell Armor for 4 seconds.

    Level 16
    • [Q] Soul Collector - Reduce Soul Rip's cooldown by 0.5 seconds and increase its range by 50%.
    • [W] Massacre - Wraith Strike now damages and applies Reaper's Mark to enemies around its target.
    • [Trait] Memento Mori - Reaper's Mark deals 100% increased damage after afflicting an enemy for more than 4 seconds.

    Level 20
    • [R1] Reaper of Souls - While Tormented Souls is active, Hero Takedowns extend its duration by 4 seconds.
    • [R2] Angel of Death - Last Rites heals for 100% of the damage dealt, and its current and future cooldown reduction bonuses are doubled.
    • [E] Final Curtain - Death Shroud leaves a trail in its wake for 4 seconds, applying Reaper's Mark to enemies in its area.
    • [Active] No One Can Stop Death - Activate while dead to immediately respawn at the Altar but increase Malthael's next respawn time by 25%.


    Official Hero Page

    Original Appearance

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    Looks really interesting, and definitely a welcome addition against today's multi-tank meta. Can't wait to see his talents.

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    Called it.

    Just surprised they went for Diablo first instaed of warcraft, oh well. Its good to se another Diablo hero, and villain for that matter.

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    Well that was unexpected, but it's about fucking time for him.


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    great another melee assassin.


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    I wonder how his trait works. To me it looks like one melee hit will do 10% of a heroes health over 4 seconds. Hmm I guess you want alternate each hit to other heroes to do max damage.
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    that's pretty cool, i suppose.

    i would still like to see mannoroth or something though v.v

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    Looks like he's got a pretty solid kit. Kinda hope they go for a more Bruiser Assassin, like Raynor or Kerrigan, over a super squishy assassin.

    His kit, plus the fact he's a melee assassin, leads me to believe this is the path they would take... I guess we'll have to see what his talents are like!

    Also: WOW, that R2 sounds broken AF.... An %health, execute Ulti, with a CD that can go as low as 15 seconds?! That's going to get SO freakin nerfed XD.

    EDIT: His release skin is a bit myeh, but I'd LOVE to see a Starcraft/Stormpunk skin for him.
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    Tank killer, each basic attack deals 10% max hp dmg over 4 sec. I forefeel he will be released a bit earlier than planned because of tank meta. Also it explains Leoric rework, previous "tank killer".
    - high dmg to high health heroes (tanks, cho'gall)
    - can chase heroes

    - no stuns
    - no escapes
    - countered by low health, ranged heroes like valla, chromie, lunara, hammer, also by anti magic skills (stitches, anubarak, also D.Va ablative armor)

    We don't know his:
    - AA - probably symbolic
    - health - chart shows his surv is higher than butcher and similar to illidan, so without escapes he probably has high health pool
    - cooldowns - hope his cd are high
    - skills range

    I'm afraid double tank meta can transform into double heal meta (to counter his ult). And combo Malthael (counter tanks), Genji (counter squishes) and Varian (counter healers) will be devastating.
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    Welp, there goes the gold I've been saving up

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    Sounds pretty OP to me... but that seems to be the norm with new heroes/champions being announced in MOBAs...
    Especially R2 sounds a bit out-there...

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    Another assassin? Fail Blizz fail. /sigh

    Glad I can post my opinion here about this and not be down voted to oblivion by white knight scrubs on reddit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slirith View Post
    Another assassin? Fail Blizz fail. /sigh

    Glad I can post my opinion here about this and not be down voted to oblivion by white knight scrubs on reddit.
    Well Malthael was long wait hero for many people, but yeah i kinda understand... Too many assasins is allready on game, and should be renamed. "Assasins Of The Storm"

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    Quote Originally Posted by skorpio View Post
    Tank killer, each basic attack deals 10% max hp dmg over 4 sec. I forefeel he will be released a bit earlier than planned because of tank meta. Also it explains Leoric rework, previous "tank killer".
    I suppose he will be released on the week of June 13.

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    calling it now, talents related to his death/respawn timer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slirith View Post
    Another assassin? Fail Blizz fail. /sigh
    Why do even people give a shit whether it is an Assassin or not? Honest question.

    HotS classification is bad as it is, it doesn't matter anyway. Reason why I find this complaint weird is Tank and Healer always take 1 spot while the remaining 3 are open, but more often than not, you want that ranged damage dealer on 1 of the 3 spots. It just doesn't matter whether it is Warrior (Non-Tank), Specialist or Assassin as their main purpose is usually to deal damage anyway. Unless they are built around very specific niche.

    For example Ragnaros is classified as Assassin, but he is a specialist really. He has very strong wave-clear and is extremely good at defending against objective while his team fighting is not as impressive. Same goes for Dehaka.

    Sure, I prefer to play carries in general, but I still like to see new Supports and Tanks. However I will always take Assassin over another one trick pony Specialist.
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    Looks very good, the kind of Assassin I'd like to play. Mostly play Support, and funny enough play mostly Auriel so I guess he'll be the fun opposite to play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skorpio View Post
    We don't know his:
    - AA - probably symbolic
    - health - chart shows his surv is higher than butcher and similar to illidan, so without escapes he probably has high health pool
    Not necessarily a super high HP, he has one ability that heals him for everything nearby affected with his trait, and 2 abilities(one ult and 1 basic) that apply his trait AOE...if the CDs are low that could be quite a bit of sustain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenjen View Post
    calling it now, talents related to his death/respawn timer
    Blizzard's latest talent ideas have been absolutely stellar, I'm hoping they offer more in the way of 'play well to carry' style choices.
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    Dude, what? If the talents for him are correct a single melee hit does whatever his melee damage is + apply a DoT for potential 20% of your health post 16 if you get Black Harvest + Memento Mori. It actually makes me doubt the legitimacy of the talents because of how strong that seems.

    Here are the talents (warning: formatting made me vomit uncontrollably, don't click if you have any graphic design background):

    They removed it, probably to fic the horrible formatting, someone on reddit pasted it though:
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