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    Ban real names in thread titles

    Ban threads with people's real names in the title, most people have never heard of half of them and it's rude. It's like if started a thread about my local shopkeeper and put his name in and expected everyone to know who he is, it wouldn't make sense.

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    Are you talking about General Off-Topic? Word of advice to you: Stop posting there. I've sent in complaints, reports, all of that and nothing has been to done to stop the toxicity. Its what I've done. Its one of the most toxic sub-forums I've ever seen on a website.
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    This doesn't seem like something that requires moderator intervention. If you don't know who someone is but are interested in the topic, I'm sure one can can google information on that person or ask if they are unable to figure it out on their own. And if you don't care at all, just avoid those threads.
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