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    Top 5 US Exp - 920 Mage - 10/10 - LF 2/3 Day Guild

    I'm looking for a new home in ToS, looking to start somewhere around next week or the following week.

    Some facts about me:
    • 10/10M NH
    • I have been in top 5-20 US guilds since Vanilla
    • Experienced and dedicated player, always willing to go the extra bit

    I have done it all in terms of progression and raiding hardcore, I am looking to relax a bit as I have dedicated a lot of my time and with my career about to begin, I'd like more free time. If your guild requires an alt for split raids or additional days during progression, unlikely the place for me.

    Looking for:
    • A community and not a guild where people log on to just raid
    • Top 100 US guild
    • Prefer Alliance

    Preferred Raid Times:
    M/T/W/Th from 5:30PST to 9:30 PST (only 2/3 days, might be able to raid Sundays as well)


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