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    MMOchamp blocking AirVPN?

    I regularly use AirVPN while browsing and suddenly I can't access MMOchamp at all today. I get the cloudflare captcha page, but solving it doesn't give me access to the site. The captcha page just refreshes and leads to a never ending captcha loop.

    Turning AirVPN off immediately grants access to the site. Anyone else having the problem?

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    We don't block anything on our end, but Cloudflare as a service will sometimes make you go through a captcha or wait for 30 seconds if you're coming from a VPN, proxy, or are within block of IPs that is common for spammers or malicious activity.

    Don't feel bad. I'm a Curse employee that uses a VPN for work, and Cloudflare still sometimes throws up a "we don't trust you so wait 30 seconds while we verify you because your IP is sketchy" thing.
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