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    915 Guardian Druid Looking For Mythic Raiding Guild


    I'm currently looking for a mythic raid team since my guild decided to stop raiding. I am 8/10 mythic. 915 item lvl. I'm currently alliance but willing to transfer for the right guild.

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    <Mutiny> is currently recruiting for Mythic Nighthold and upcoming Tomb of Sargeras progression!

    Daytime aiding is the most underrepresented time to raid, and many of our members work nights/early mornings or live overseas. We are currently 10/10H and 3/10M, and several of our raiders have previously completed further NH Mythic content.

    We are currently fleshing out our team in preparation for Tomb of Sargeras, and we aim to hit the new tier with a full core of 20-25 members, entering Mythic content as soon as it's available.

    Our team raids from 3PM - 6PM EST, Tues/Wed/Mon.

    We also run M+ and old content on off-nights, and our tight-knit community is active in-game and on Discord.

    Current needs:
    • Tanks: Need one dedicated main tank, all classes considered
    • Healers: Need 1 healer, ideally with a dps offspec (all classes considered)
    • DPS: Ranged, bonus points for heal/tank offspec (but not required)

    If interested, please contact the guild master, Shamsquatch, at his Discord (Shamsquatch#1799) or Battle.net (GiantSham#1219).

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    [H] Frostmane <Dark Society> (5/10M) - Recruting for strong ToS Start/NH Progression

    <Dark Society> was founded at the launch of Legion, with most of us having plenty of previous raiding experience. We formed to be as casual as possible while still successfully pushing end game content. We take Mythic raiding seriously, but we do understand most our members have jobs, kids, or other important things to deal with outside of WoW. We realize that attendance can not be a perfect 100% of the time. However, if you want to be part of our core raid group we require your attendance to be 85% or higher on a monthly average. We also require our raiders to have a deep understanding of raid encounters, and to maximize the development and knowledge of their character. We also have a great group of social and casual players, should you not desire to raid as regularly and intently as our core raid team.
    Our raid time: 8 PM - 11 PM Server Time M/Th
    8PM - 12 AM Server Time Sat

    Our current progression is: 5/10M NH

    How to contact us : You can respond to this thread or contact one of the officer through Bnet:
    Class Priority:

    Death Knight-High
    Demon Hunter-High
    Druid (Feral)-Medium

    Death Knight-Low
    Demon Hunter-Low

    What do we require:

    -Attendance: We require at least 85% attendance. We do understand that real life will take priority, but we do require you to notify an officer if you are going to miss a raid. This does include accepting or declining on the calendar as well as notifying an officer on discord or in game.

    -Punctuality: Raid invites will always start 10 mins before the raid start time. We expect everyone to be ready and prepared. This means you must have all the flasks, foods, potions (and any other item necessary for the raid) ready before you come to the raid. We do offer flasks, potions, and food from our guild bank at a discounted rate, but we expect you to have gotten these prior to raid invites as well.

    -Communication: We expect you to be able to understand and speak English well enough to communicate with the guild or at least to understand when things are explained in Discord.
    -Know your class: Whether you are a tank, healer or dps you must know how to play it, know the strengths and weaknesses, master the rotation and have the ability to adapt on the fly in order to put out the best performance possible.

    -Be a team player: You are expected to do the mechanics accordingly and perform any other tasks assigned to you by the Raid Leader. We do not tolerate boss tunneling, meter whoring or selfish behavior. You are part of a team and everyone needs to do his/her part for all to benefit.

    -Be able to take criticism: Nobody is perfect and we know that but we expect all our members to be able to take the advice and constructive criticism given in order to improve their performance. Outbursts during the raid, openly flaming fellow raid members or repeatedly ignoring the advice from the raid leader will result in immediate removal from the raid or even the guild. We do not tolerate drama, if you have a problem take it in private to an officer after the raid.

    -Know the current raid tier inside and out: This means watching boss fights prior to encounters and asking any questions regarding the content.

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