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    Newbie - Tell me about RPS

    Hi guys,

    Having a blast as sub rogue.

    I was looking at what works and not and it seems like I have to team up with a SP.

    Question is why(mainly because I don't know the strength of a SP). Where is my interest, what is the strength of RPS?


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    sub rogue works well with a lot of different classes not just spriest. But since you're asking a spriest can do a lot of damage but not when they're getting trained into the ground ... a sub rogue can peel really well since you have a shit ton of cc. You can burst in unison quite often and set up cc chains easily enough ... there's probably other reasons as well.

    Your comps as a sub rogue are:

    - RPS
    - RMD
    - RMPriest
    - RMPali
    - Rogue Marks hunter is probably good
    - RLS is probably good

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    It'll work Rogues work well with a lot of different classes and they're strong at every rating. Personally, I have been playing RMD since WoD and im still loving it!

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    EDIT: I take it back the new reworked version of the spec is so challenging, exciting, and fun for PvP!
    Subtlety Rogue was an amazing, incredible, unique, and fun spec prior to Legion and BfA

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