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    Sheiluns gift


    I joined my guild alt run in nighthold yesterday as a mistweaver, i main resto shaman, but i noticed our artifact ability 2s cast time.
    How are u guys using that in a raid enviroment?
    I havent have trouble with it in dungeons but i raids where we have 3 healers, i find the target getting healed upp by the others before i even click the artifact ability.

    Would realy appreciate some knowledge here, what are u guys doing?


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    Use it with 3-5 stacks and don't let it stack too high. Use it as a mana free small heal instead of a huge burst heal.

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    Usually predict damage before anyone is hurt.
    Example is crystals in scorp encounter, they do hurt quite abit on mythic difficulty, so 1.3 sec left before he casts it, I cast my SG.

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    I do a combination of both the answers listed above. When trying to predict damage, I cast it on a tank and hope he takes some damage right before it finishes and preferably when there is also raid wide damage to gain benefit from the 4th golden trait.

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    ok thanks for quick response

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    The new traits made this ability a LOT more fun to you!

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