View Poll Results: Which class is most consistently strong on the DPS charts?

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  • Death Knight

    7 3.17%
  • Demon Hunter

    15 6.79%
  • Druid

    0 0%
  • Hunter

    14 6.33%
  • Mage

    129 58.37%
  • Monk

    1 0.45%
  • Paladin

    4 1.81%
  • Priest

    1 0.45%
  • Rogue

    19 8.60%
  • Shaman

    0 0%
  • Warlock

    19 8.60%
  • Warrior

    12 5.43%
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    This expansion it's definately Warlock, but going from History it has probably been Mage. Though Blizzard likes to fuck with Mages and change the strongest specs on a whim and leave the other 2 at the dump.

    Though having 3 specs this expansion will destroy your motivation, at least if you start this late.

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    I don't really get why so many people are that salty about mages, I would have imagined warrior to be way higher on that list, they were never really bad at any point tbh.

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    Yeah mage has been good but I'm surprised that for most warlock is flying under the radar. They've always been right there with us minus the few times mage has actually sucked. Rogues too. Really the only pure dps class that ever "sucks" is hunter but they make up for it with mobility or something typically

    If anyone was wondering mages sucked during Sunwell, the start of T11, and the start of T15 before balancing happened. A lot of people don't remember fire mages having to weave in scorch instead of fireball in T11 because our rotation was mana negative even with evocation if we simply used fireball. Thank god they changed that before the tier ended.
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    The pure dps classes usually always have a spec up top. I don't remember mages and hunter never having one. Warlock only missed a bit and rogue hasn't been as strong lately, but rule of thumb are those.

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    Wow I voted mage, but I consider myself pretty out-of-touch.
    I'm sad to be right this time.

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    Hmmm, a bit surprised. I always found my rogue (an alt toon) to be the most consistent in high dps.

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    Hunter has always been strong, may not always be TOP but they never were bottom of the barrel like most other specs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tornadofang View Post
    Definitely not mage, they probably have the largest variance of DPS in the game.
    Yeah, I'd say the difference between having to compete with some other class for 1st place (and usually winning) and completely destroying the charts is lost on most players.

    Mages have definitely been the most reliable dps class in WoW's history. They usually came on top of every class in terms of raw dps. If they weren't 1st, it was usually due to fight-specific gimmicks that favored some other class.
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    Other than some dark times in BC, mage has always been pretty damn good.

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