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    Lightbulb [MISTWEAVER] Artifact Challenge HQ VIDEO with VOICEOVER NARRATION!


    This is my successful attempt at the Artifact Challenge for Mistweaver!

    I have a voiceover narration going over the video with play by play commentary and explanation!

    My Talents Used:

    Chi Burst
    Mist Wrap
    Leg Sweep
    Diffuse Magic
    Chi-Ji, The Red Crane
    Focused Thunder

    Several of these Talents are total preference, but they worked perfectly with my playstyle.

    Legendaries that I used: Prydaz and Vivify Boots!

    I know my UI is far from "PRO", and because I had to rearrange some of my bars specifically for this challenge, I actually click a bunch of stuff don't judge!

    I hope this video helps some Mistweavers complete the challenge, and I hope you enjoy.

    Let me know what you think!
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    Use Sheilun's Gift more often.

    I did this with 892 ilvl and you couldn't be so sloppy especially in the first stage, other than that good 'guide'.

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