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    2017 Ranked Season 2 Dates and Rewards

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    2017 ranked season 2 dates and rewards

    Heroes of the Storm’s first 2017 ranked season is ending soon, and we’ve got a host of new rewards that you can earn just by playing ranked games in the coming months. Read on for details!

    Season Roll Dates

    2017 Season 2 will begin as soon as our next patch becomes available for download in each region throughout next week. Check the season start and end dates below to make sure you’re able to dive into the rankings as soon as the season rolls.

    2017 Season 2 Start Week of June 13*
    2017 Season 2 End Week of September 12*

    *Exact date may vary slightly by region.

    Ranked Play Updates

    With the introduction of our second 2017 season, we will be introducing following changes to the Ranked Play system:

    • Personal Rank Adjustments:
      • We’ve lessened personal rank point adjustments in Hero and Team League. This will allow players’ ranks to move more quickly during streaks of wins or losses.
    • Team League:
      • When average queue times for 2-player parties in Team League become lengthy, the leaders from additional 2-player parties attempting to enter the queue will see a warning message that they may be in for a long wait.
        • When this occurs, those party leaders can choose to enter the lengthy queue if they are willing to wait, or cancel the queue to find additional party members and get a match more quickly.

    So, in short, we’re going to leave things as they are for now and continue working toward addressing the duo queue versus trio problem in Team League, which is the root of the majority of Team League match quality problems. We’ll keep you updated with updates as we have them. Good luck on the ladder!

    2017 Season 2 Rewards

    Players who manage to brawl their way up through the leagues during the upcoming season can claim new portraits, mounts, and gold rewards for their achievements in Hero and Team League. Take a look at everything that’s up for grabs this season!

    Hero League Portraits

    Team League Portraits

    Mount Rewards

    Bronze 500 Gold | Bronze Hero League Portrait
    Silver 750 Gold | Silver Hero League Portrait
    Gold 1000 Gold | Gold Hero League Portrait
    Platinum 1250 Gold | Platinum Hero League Portrait | Mount
    Diamond 1500 Gold | Diamond Hero League Portrait | Mount
    Master 1750 Gold | Master Hero League Portrait | Epic Mount
    Grand Master 2000 Gold | Grand Master Hero League Portrait | Epic Mount

    Bronze 500 Gold | Bronze Team League Portrait | Mount
    Silver 750 Gold | Silver Team League Portrait | Mount
    Gold 1000 Gold | Gold Team League Portrait | Mount
    Platinum 1250 Gold | Platinum Team League Portrait | Mount
    Diamond 1500 Gold | Diamond Team League Portrait | Mount
    Master 1750 Gold | Master Team League Portrait | Epic Mount
    Grand Master 2000 Gold | Grand Master Team League Portrait | Epic Mount

    In addition to everything we’ve mentioned so far, there will be 10 placement matches waiting for you on the other side of the season roll that you’ll need to play through in order to receive your initial ranking. We also plan to once again loosen the system’s certainty level in everyone’s skill rating, so it will be a little easier to move through the rankings during your first few matches this season.

    If you’re ready to begin your Ranked Play journey in Heroes of the Storm but are unsure how, head over to our Ranked Play Guide to get started on the right foot.

    Good luck and have fun during the second ranked season of 2017!

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    I guess anybody who loves Earthbreaker Thrall will grind a lot next season. I don't find it amazing, but fits damn well.

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    I like the mounts to be honest but I can imagine the let down after we got the raptors. Plus the portraits look great!

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    Oh yolo! i gonna try get elemental bear!

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