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    Had an amazing farm raid, cleared heroic and 4 mythic bosses, straight back to Gorgonzola! Couldn't have asked for more really

    Looking to add caster dps though, plenty of fun and bosses in need of killing. Shadow priest, warlock, ele shaman.

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    Back to Gorgonzola tomorrow, got a 30% pull to improve upon! Fingers crossed.
    Caster though, don't be shy - Kakmonstret#2723

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    8% wipe, close but no cigar ;_;
    Oh well, here's hoping for this coming reset!
    Also fingers crossed for good caster dps - Kakmonstret#2723
    Warlock, spriest, ele shaman and boomie

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    Here we go with a freaky fresh delivery of a Orogoza(pizza)kill! Currently standing with 5/8 Mythic after having shown that no cheese is too troublesome for us. Even more impressive that it happened on the first pull of the evening. You guys deserve all sorts of thumbs up. Well played and keep it up for the bosses ahead!

    Looking at adding some caster dps, warlock, spriest and ele shaman.
    Don't be shy, all sorts of bosses are in need of killing. Kakmonstret#2723

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    Had a pretty god damn good progress raid on court, 10%/30% respectively. Can more or less smell that kill on the horizon.
    Looking to add caster dps, spriest, warlock, ele shaman Kakmonstret#2723

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    With the defeat of Mythic Queen's Court we are now 6/8 Mythic and no longer having to worry about sneaky snakes in our boots. Once again it is one of those moments where you guys pulled through and played very well. Good job and keep it up for the final two bosses!

    Looking at recruiting ranged dps, spriest, warlock, hunter - Kakmonstret#2723
    Adventures are to be had!

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    Been a while, sorted farm and back on ye old zaqul. Here's hoping we do portals and snag a kill!

    Looking for caster dps, hit me up at Kakmonstret#2723

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    Za'qul has fallen, what a time to be alive! Well excited for a tentacle free weekend with all sorts of adventures
    Looking at recruiting a holy paladin along with caster dps for the queen of squids.
    Don't be shy, hit me up at Kakmonstret#2723

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    Looking to add caster dps for exciting Azshara progress! Who doesn't like beams and adds that are behaving badly?

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    Working on p3 of azshara, 1/3 tidemistress mobs dead! Going at a steady pace forward. Welcomed two new friends as well, optimal

    Looking at recruiting either a warlock, spriest or ele shaman for further adventures. Kakmonstret#2723

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    Getting pretty alright in p3
    Looking at caster dps - Kakmonstret#2723

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    Been forever since I last updated this. We are on the final stretch of phase 4 azshara. Slow and steady.

    Looking for capable dps to join, caster and ranged preferred. Don't be a stranger and add Kakmonstret#2723

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    Mythic Azshara has at long last been defeated and we have gotten 8/8 Mythic. This tier has been without any issues whatsoever, no drama, no snowflakes acting out and an overall easy time with no hardships whatsoever.

    Real talk though, it's been a long and very tedious journey, taxing not just me but I am sure a lot of you guys as well. I just keep being amazed though, despite having had 698 pulls on Azshara, god knows how many people/roster related issues, a lot of you are still sticking around with me and the guild. I can not help but to admire and respect such loyalty and dedication. I have been the GM of Deus Ex for over 10 years and I always think to myself, is this the tier that comes with no drama or devastating ingame events? The answer is of course no. That itself makes me very happy to be the leader of all of you. We always bounce back no matter what garbage is thrown our way. How many other guilds can say the same after having survived what we have? Probably a handful at best.

    The short version is that I appreciate you guys and hope to have you by my side for adventures to come.

    Recruitment related though, looking for a co tank, ranged dps and possibly a ret paladin and demon hunter
    Don't be a stranger - Kakmonstret#2723

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    Christmas break and all sorts of festive adventures are soon upon us. God knows I will be chowing down on all sorts of food that likely is not too good for me but tis' the season is it not?

    On my wish list there's ranged dps, a co tank and a retribution paladin

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    Enjoying a nice break over the festivities and soon new year adventures
    Looking to recruit ranged dps, don't be a stranger, 2020 is soon upon us

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    What a fantastic New year's eve, spent in the company of those precious to me. Honestly couldn't have asked for more. :>
    Recruitment related though, I am asking for all sorts of classes, ranged dps in particular. Don't be a stranger, we have a year filled with tentacles and madness in front of us. What's not to like?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Been in touch with some interesting people to say the least.
    Here's hoping there are ranged dps with the munchies for bosses in need of killin' and purps in need of lootin'.

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    First official farm raid of the new year, boy I am excited, buzzin my nips off so much I could practically cut through glass.
    Kakmonstret#2723 for recruitment stuff
    Looking for ranged dps, warlock, boomie, elemental shaman and shadow priest

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    Almost patch day, too much exciteeeeeement! Also last Ep farm of this tier, thank god, will be sweet to see some new bosses. Tired of being violated by Azshara ;_;
    Looking for some quality ranged dps Kakmonstret#2723
    Don't be shy, adventures are soon upon us

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    7 heroic killed, some good bosses right there!
    Looking at recruiting ranged dps, don't be shy - Kakmonstret#2723

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    N'zoth has been defeated and we're 12/12 heroic!
    Had some cool encounters and really looking forward to mythic.

    Looking to recruit a mistweaver monk and ranged dps
    Hit me up at Kakmonstret#2723

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