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    It's been a while since we last visited struggle city in terms of progress bosses. This dude was not a pushover but that only sweetens the moment when you eventually defeat said bastard. God knows how many spiked deaths later but here we are with 6/10 Mythic and looking strong for the baddies to come. Good job everyone and have a nice weekend

    Looking to recruit some sweet ranged dps
    I promise spiked death on resets to come, if that is not incentive enough then nothing will be.

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    Two new kills this reset! Here's Guardian of the first ones. Significantly easier than Painsmith but regardless, sweet to have him done and dusted. Good job everyone, 7/10 Mythic and looking good for adventures to come

    Looking to recruit ranged dps, mage in particular. Kakmonstret#2723

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    Happy to report another kill and us at 8/10 Mythic with the defeat of Fatescribe Roh-Kalo! Pretty finicky with certain timers and not so forgiving abilities but overall a straight-forward encounter. One could even say that we are experts at dodging balls and beams by now. In any case, nicely done and keep it up for the final two!

    Kakmonstret#2723 for recruitment

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    You know what they say, third time is the charm. Farewell Kel'Thuzad and heyyyy 9/10 Mythic and a brawl vs the final baddie of this raid. Well played my dudes and keep it strong for the dark lady
    Kakmonstret#2723 for recruitment matters

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    10/10 Mythic - the dark lady is unconscious(unfortunately)

    What a journey! No problems, bad luck or otherwise text book Deus Ex happenings that would otherwise color our canvas. Jk, we've been knee deep in poo city more than once as it so happens to be at times. Fortunately I am blessed to be in the company of good people that always finds a way to keep on pushing, no matter what happens. That is a blessing that comes few and far between and honestly not something a lot of people can say. It feels cheesy to say it but reflecting back I have had a fair few of you with me for many years, even during a time when I sure as hell did not deserve as much. God knows how or why but I am beyond grateful and happy to be in this guild with you guys. I think this guild must be close to 10 years old and still going strong. The amount of good memories I've had over the years are almost too many to count.
    Holyyyy what a tier as well, netting the best rank we've had since Dazar'alor. Two thumbs up my dudes, you've been amazing and I am confident you will remain as such. Thank you for being such a huge part of making Deus Ex into what it is!

    We are looking to recruit some quality dps friends, don't be a stranger and poke me at Kakmonstret#2723

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    Sylvanas is defeated yet again and 2 more mounts to the team
    Looking for solid ranged dps

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    I was one of the lucky to get the mount yesterday, weyyyy

    Dh dps, boomie, warlock

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    More mounts to everyone!
    Looking for a boomie, dh dps, warlock or hunter

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