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    Been a while but we almost done with Smolderon
    Looking for capable dps, druid in particular
    Don't be a stranger and add Kakmonstret#2723

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    Done with Smolderon and 7/9 Mythic
    Time for some fun on Tindral which I'm sure is going to be quite the challenge.
    Kakmonstret#2723 if you are a capable dps that wouldn't mind some wiping :>

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    This druid put us through the wringer with all sorts of unforgiving and at times hectic mechanics. Here we are though, proving that no druid and or dragon is opponent enough for us when we get going! Bagging 8/9 Mythic was a sweet feeling to say the least. Adding to the fact that the entire evening had some good pulls on him, you could really tell everyone did their best. As always, you guys are the bee's knees, keep it strong for the final boss of this expansion

    Actually looking for a holy paladin or disci priest

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    What a long and grueling tier this was! But here we are yet again, having defeated mythic Fyrakk, the final bad dragon(pun intended) of this expansion. That 9/9 Mythic has been hard fought.
    We have endured issues with people, not only in terms of making numbers at times but also due to the fact that life circumstances change. We all grow up. Something that is to no surprise to anyone. But looking back at my time as a guild master and the well over 10+ years I have had the pleasure of being around such capable and all-around decent people. Truly a blessing that comes few and far between. The amount of guilds that have been around for as long as we have and gone through as much shit as we have, and still stand strong so many years later is on a list that is getting smaller by each month. I have said this many times but I am beyond grateful for everything you guys have done and no doubt will keep on doing.

    Now is the time to add Kakmonstret#2723 for recruitment stuff though

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    Looking for either a holy paladin or mistweaver monk plus a enhance shaman(quality dps in general welcome though)

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    Looking for either a holy paladin or mw monk
    In terms of dps, enhance shaman, ret paladin, demon hunter
    But if you feel like you are a good fit then you might as well add Kakmonstret#2723

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    Looking for a holy paladin or resto shaman along with dps. Warlock/enhance shaman

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    New stuff creeping up on us eventually!
    Looking to add a healer, resto shaman or hpala. Same with some good dps, hunter, shadow priest

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