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    New warlock is with us, what a time to be alive! Looking to add one last dps, shadow priest, warlock or hunter. Add Kakmonstret#2723

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    New raid is less than one week away. Did last farm yesterday, smooth as anything! Glad to have Uldir done and dusted and move towards new and exciting content

    Last dps spot, hunter, warlock or shadow priest Kakmonstret#2723

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    New and exciting raid incoming, yaaaaay!

    Kakmonstret#2723 Looking for one final ranged dps, hunter, warlock or spriest

    - - - Updated - - -

    First night done. Fantastic raid so far. 6/9 bosses dead on heroic. RIP sweet troll king.

    Looking to add a capable ranged dps, plenty of fun to be had. Kakmonstret#2723

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    Deal with Mr roboto and got started with blockade. Final two on Monday. Before that, a nice weekend at my parents and normal clear on Sunday.


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    Heroic cleared, buzzin my nips off for a new reset and mythic raiding!

    Looking to add a ranged dps, hunter, spriest or warlock. Add Kakmonstret#2723

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    Cleared heroic and got a mythic kill as well. Admittedly a very easy boss but still. 1/9 Mythic, adventure has officially started \o/ Here's hoping for more fun tomorrow.

    Kakmonstret#2723 Warlock, hunter or shadow priest

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    2/9 Mythic, hoping to bag at least one more kill this reset. Looking for that elusive ranged dps, Kakmonstret#2723

    - - - Updated - - -

    Another night of raiding came with a new boss kill. This time the death of Donkey Grong which left us with 3/9 Mythic! Bit unfortunate having to kill a furry alliance enthusiast but when he started preferring brains over bananas he had to go. Two thumbs up to you all and keep it up for the remaining bosses!

    Much like before, trying to find that one elusive ranged dps that wouldn't mind some raiding adventures. Kakmonstret#2723

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    Very good farm raid, got our 3 mythic kills and a full hc done. Here's looking at golden boy tomorrow.

    Also hoping to recruit either a spriest, warlock or hunter. Give me them ranged dps! Kakmonstret#2723

    - - - Updated - - -

    We went and raided Scrooge McDuck's treasury and came out with a new mythic kill, making us 4/9 mythic! Goes for show it is going to take a whole lot more than lasers and fire to bring us down. A giant frog might well do the trick but he's a sneaky bastard. Once again, you all did well, enjoy your weekend and let's keep it up!

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    Happy to announce the death of Conclave of the Chosen, leaving us with 5/9 Mythic! We've mastered all sorts of spirit animals, crazy frog being the main culprit. Fortunately for us, plenty of frogs loom ahead as well. Until then, I can only commend all of you, well played, keep it up!

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    A shadow priest joined us, excellent!

    Kakmonstret#2723 for hunter or warlock

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    I've been forgetting about this one, woops.
    In any case, we killed papa troll and thus landed on 6/9 Mythic! Also got the goblin dude to 50%, the journey is getting exciting!

    Looking to add ranged dps, hunter, warlock, ele shaman Kakmonstret#2723

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    Had a very good farm raid, killed our 6 mythic bosses and got straight back vs Mekkatorque
    Looking to add some ranged dps, hunter warlock or ele shaman get in touch at Kakmonstret#2723

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    Mekka down to 9%
    Looking to add a ranged dps and one healer
    Either shaman, disci priest or druid

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    Mekkatorque and his wacky robots have finally been put out of commission and leaving us with 7/9 Mythic! For any gnome enthusiasts out there, worry not, our beloved gnome is technically not dead. Just frozen solid until Blizzard decides what they want to do with that. Oh well, well played and two thumbs up!

    Looking to add a warrior dps, caster dps and one healer that is not a paladin, monk or holy priest.
    Hit me up at Kakmonstret#2723

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    Blockade almost fell over, here's hoping for Wednesday!
    Looking to add a healer, resto shaman preferred.
    Also looking at dps, warrior, dps dh - Kakmonstret#2723

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    We have successfully breached the blockade and with that have 8/9 Mythic! Not only did we master the hokey pokey but we are also quite proficient at dealing with foul temptresses of the sea. Keep it strong for the final boss, well played everyone!

    Looking to add a resto shaman, ranged dps, warrior and demon hunter.
    Hit me up at Kakmonstret#2723
    Got some Jaina fun ahead, briefly seen the intermission.

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    Practicing the intermission on Jaina, even got to kill them clones. Slow and steady.
    Resto shaman and ranged dps

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    Gotten started with p2 and moving forward quite steadidly
    Looking to recruit one healer that is not a holy paladin
    Also looking for ranged dps and a warrior


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    Intermission is consistent
    So is getting further in to the fight
    40% ish

    Looking for a healer

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    Jaina down to 19%
    Having some really good pulls!

    Looking at some ranged dps Kakmonstret#2723

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