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    Jaina down to 14%!
    Looking at ranged dps and a mistweaver monk

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    Looking at recruiting a healer, non priest and druid. Anything else goes. Kakmonstret#2723

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    Long have I waited to announce this but Jaina has finally been defeated! It really has been a journey riddled with struggle, not just because of the encounter itself but roster related matters. It took us about 650 ish pulls(replacing half the healer roster and some dps). Admittedly the kill was long overdue. What makes me happy here is not just the fact she is done and dusted but above everything, the fact so many of you stuck around for 2 months of progress. I have lead this guild for many, many years and it is safe to say, adversity is a frequent visitor. There's no getting used to that. I am eternally grateful that you staid with me, committed whatever it took and more. Most guilds would have disbanded. We did not. I can only hope that my journey that started in Cataclysm will continue for years to come. Two thumbs up and once again, this means a lot

    Recruitment related, we are looking to add a healer, restoration shaman. Mistweaver considered as well.
    In terms of dps, warrior, spriest, mage and warlock.
    Hit me up at Kakmonstret#2723

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    Got ourselves a new tank! Happy about that
    Looking to add a resto shaman to the healing team.
    In terms of dps, warrior, ranged such as spriest, ele shaman, boomie, mage, hunter and warlock.


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