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    Jaina down to 14%!
    Looking at ranged dps and a mistweaver monk

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    Looking at recruiting a healer, non priest and druid. Anything else goes. Kakmonstret#2723

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    Long have I waited to announce this but Jaina has finally been defeated! It really has been a journey riddled with struggle, not just because of the encounter itself but roster related matters. It took us about 650 ish pulls(replacing half the healer roster and some dps). Admittedly the kill was long overdue. What makes me happy here is not just the fact she is done and dusted but above everything, the fact so many of you stuck around for 2 months of progress. I have lead this guild for many, many years and it is safe to say, adversity is a frequent visitor. There's no getting used to that. I am eternally grateful that you staid with me, committed whatever it took and more. Most guilds would have disbanded. We did not. I can only hope that my journey that started in Cataclysm will continue for years to come. Two thumbs up and once again, this means a lot

    Recruitment related, we are looking to add a healer, restoration shaman. Mistweaver considered as well.
    In terms of dps, warrior, spriest, mage and warlock.
    Hit me up at Kakmonstret#2723

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    Got ourselves a new tank! Happy about that
    Looking to add a resto shaman to the healing team.
    In terms of dps, warrior, ranged such as spriest, ele shaman, boomie, mage, hunter and warlock.


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    Back to farm raiding after what felt like an eternity!
    Looking to add a resto shaman, warrior, ranged dps Kakmonstret#2723

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    New reset tomorrow and here's hoping another jaina kill!
    Looking for warrior dps, resto shaman, ranged dps. Also on the market for a co tank since it did not work out with the last one.

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    Jaina dead again and another mount in the bag, gratz Klekko!

    Looking at resto shaman, co tank, warrior dps, dh dps and ranged dps Kakmonstret#2723

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    Looking to add either a resto shaman or mistweaver monk!


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    Another Jaina mount in the bag, yaaay!
    Also had a resto shaman joining us, good times!

    Looking to add a mistweaver monk
    Don't be a stranger, new content is soon upon us. Kakmonstret#2723

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    Patch tomorrow, yaaaay stuff to do \o/
    Looking for a mistweaver monk, hit me up at Kakmonstret#2723

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    Really enjoying this patch!
    Another Jaina mount in the bag as well.
    Looking to add a mistweaver monk and holy paladin.
    Don't be shy, add Kakmonstret#2723

    Also looking forward to celebrating my mother this weekend. Going to be festive and I really do wish her everything best.

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    Got a new holy paladin, yaaay!
    Looking to add a mistweaver monk Kakmonstret#2723

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    Did our last farm of BoD, nice and easy clear in one night. Congratulations to Jammer on getting the mount!

    Looking for that elusive mistweaver monk. Hit me up at Kakmonstret#2723

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    First raid of this tier and we cleared six bosses.
    Going to be a challenge for the final two though. Amazing raid so far.

    Hit me up if you play caster dps - Kakmonstret#2723

    - - - Updated - - -

    Killed that reality bending faceless boss, got started on Aszhara and boy oh boy does she have a lot of stuff to keep up with!
    Here's hoping for a kill on Monday. Before then though, a nice normal clear on Sunday, freaky fresh with the boys. All sorts of adventures. Who needs actual sunshine when the sun is always shining when you in Azeroth

    Kakmonstret#2723 for range dps

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    God knows I've been buzzin' my nipples off to give you guys some progress updates! The first week of the new tier is done and dusted and we managed to defeat heroic Azshara. Definitely one of the more challenging end heroic boss encounters they have designed in many years. It did do her justice though. More than happy with all of you that proved yet again how capable you are when push comes to shove. Two thumbs up and keep it strong for Mythic

    Looking to add a caster dps, mage or warlock. Hit me up at Kakmonstret#2723
    Mythic adventures inc ^^

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    Our first night of mythic raiding is over and we actually managed to get three new kills and land on 3/8 Mythic! Honestly can't remember the last time I updated with three new kills in one evening.^^ Our fallen adversaries are Sivara, Blackwater Behemoth and Radiance of Azshara. I really am impressed and happy with what you guys managed to do this evening, blowing away my expectations completely! While it goes without saying that things will get more challenging it is still important to give credit when it is due. Two thumbs up and keep it up for the remaining bosses

    Also pretty ironic that the title is accurate now despite having requested for a change for god knows how many months. :> Goes for show that if you want something to change, wait until a new raid with 8 bosses is released and kill 3 mythic bosses. Yaaaaay! \o/

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    Got started on Ashvane, a tough cookie for sure. Roughly the second shield break which is not too shabby.
    Looking to recruit a caster dps, mage, warlock, spriest or elemental shaman!

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    Had a fantastic evening of farm raiding!
    Not only did we clear heroic but also our three previous mythic kills. On top of which much fun and dank loot was obtained.

    It would be the cherry on the cake to find a caster dps though. Mage, warlock, spriest or elemental shaman.
    Hit me up at Kakmonstret#2723
    Don't be shy, I do not bite. Perhaps a nibble at best.

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    Almost broken Ashvane's third shield, getting really close to that elusive kill!
    Meanwhile, searching high and low for some caster dps. Shadow priest, mage, elemental shaman and warlock - Kakmonstret#2723
    Plenty of bubbles need bursting and loot obtaining.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ashvane down to 14 million! Close but no cigar, it crumbled just before the final shield broke. Oh well, we did make excellent progress and here's hoping for some nice loot during farm to make it easier.

    Looking for caster dps that would like to join our adventures.

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    Here's a progress update regarding one elusive lady, namely Mythic Ashvane! Not only did she get away on horseback, attack our lovely city with a squid and scheme with some naga. She also had the audacity to bubble us like there's no tomorrow. In any case, I am happy to announce that we are 4/8 Mythic! Words can hardly describe how happy I am that we defeated her, was practically buzzin' with joy which is something that is just as cool every time it happens. You guys have really proven to be capable as a team and individual players. Two thumbs up and here's for a weekend without coral!

    For now I will enjoy a nice weekend free of coral and seashells. A birthday weekend as a matter of fact. Officially a big boy now \o/ Going to eat cake until I turn into one of them kids from Charlie and the chocolate factory. :>

    When it comes to recruitment we are looking to add caster dps, mage, warlock or shadow priest. Hit me up at Kakmonstret#2723

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