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    Yes because I liked the look of demon hunters from the get-go. As to whether I'd do it again it all depends on if I resubscribe for the next expansion with class early access.

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    i did not buy early access to demon hunters. i did however buy legion early and with that as it happens, came early access to demon hunters.

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    I did not. I wasn't in a rush to play demon hunter, I had some fun with it in Beta but melee in general is not my thing. I also prefered to order a physical boxed copy of the game so it can be displayed on my shelf.

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    No, I didn't even start Legion until a month after release.

    Didn't miss out on anything.

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    I did not pre-order Legion. In fact, only time I ever intentionally pre-ordered any expansion, was TBC and that was to get the CE. I was really into WoW at the time and thought I would be buying CEs forever. But then the european CE failure happened and I decided to just get normal versions in the future. And since I've never had a problem walking into a store on release day and buy a copy (back when you could only buy discs), I've never seen the need to pre-order. Sure, when the digital age caught up and we could pre-download, I might have paid for a copy a few days early, but never weeks or months in advance. And early access to a class just doesn't do it for me, Demon Hunters even less so as I don't like the playstyle I saw in beta, so that would not be a reason for me to pre-order.

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    I did pre-order Legion, but not because of Demon Hunters, so yes I would do it again. I actually enjoyed and still enjoy my DH.

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    If I know that I am going to play a game, I see no reason not to preorder.

    its not like I am personally ruining the industry by pre-ordering, despite what some people apparently believe.

    And yes I would pre-order again if I know I am gonna be playing the game.

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    I hate preordering, but I do it for WoW because Blizzard always delivers.
    Wanted to play DH but would have bought it either way.

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    I pre-ordered digital AND bought collectors edition for the box.

    And yes, to play DH early

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    No, because I wanted to get my hands on a physical copy so I waited for it to become available in local stores.

    I don't see the point in pre-ordering though, if not for the pre-order benefits. When you pay for a game, you expect to be able to play it immediately. Why pay so early in advance for a game that isn't even ready yet, if not for some benefits?
    In Legion's case, I didn't really desire any of the pre-order perks.

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    I think I pre-ordered to get a char boost... my son was born the day Legion released so I don't remember much of that period.

    As for DH, they had zero to do with the purchase. I have yet to even create one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nnyco View Post
    I just pre-ordered legion, because iknew i would play. Didnt really buy it because of demon hunters
    Yeah, this. I played the DH early, and enjoyed doing so. I would do it again both for my primary reason of pre-ordering because that's what I do, and the secondary benefit of early access to something new.

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    Yes and yes. I was going to buy it anyway, so early access was a plus
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    I've played DH since early access for them opened up, up until now. I quit my Warlock and began playing beta full time over live - that's how much I liked DH at the time.

    If it happened again today, with the class as it is now and with the experience I have (and the thrill of a new class being gone) I definitely wouldn't swap to it. Not for Havoc, at least. This patch is just way too much of a letdown.

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    lmao is this thread for real?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nnyco View Post
    I just pre-ordered legion, because iknew i would play. Didnt really buy it because of demon hunters

    I always preorder new expacs. DH early access was just a bonus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nnyco View Post
    I just pre-ordered legion, because iknew i would play. Didnt really buy it because of demon hunters
    This. Demon Hunter was just a nice addition but not the selling point.

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    bought it with gold, so, yeah

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    Nope, but only because I got a physical Collectir's Edition. If they'd let me apply the difference in price to my game time, I would've digital preordered too. but that didn't happen, so no early DH for me.

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