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    RiP ISB overstacking

    You will be missed

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    This nerf sucks big time

    Instead of capping ISB they could just let ISB drop after combat.

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    Have a decent timer at least. This is so dumb.

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    The only reason to spam brews now remains the crap Brewstache after SD was nerfed as well. Crap.

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    One of the reasons why I am ditching my BrM for my VDH or BDK in ToS. The rotation just isn't fun anymore. I feel like BrMs turned into a Prot Pally/War style of tanking, by being CD capped, which I don't enjoy.

    Right now, you only ISB once every 8s on the nose. There is no more room for variation. There is no more "OK, this is a low damage phase, time to stack ISB as much as I can to get ready for high damage phase" now it's every 8s, ISB and use the excess charges for Purify. We're on rails. We can't deviate from it. It's retarded. Might as well just make a script bot that hits ISB every 8s while in combat...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsharna View Post
    The only reason to spam brews now remains the crap Brewstache after SD was nerfed as well. Crap.
    I just don't understand this logic at all. You can still spam brews. You're just spamming purify when there's nothing to purify. How is this any different from spamming ISB when it's already at a duration that is way longer than it needs to be? In both scenarios you're gaining no realistic benefit.

    If I'm doing content that is too easy and I'm up to 10 mins ISB, I can keep telling myself there'll come a spasmodic 10 minutes of damage where I'm so hellbent on purifying to stay alive that it justifies itself, but it never does.

    Purify nothing.

    10 mins of ISB.

    Either way you're wasting brews. In fact in those scenarios I'd probably HAVE been better off purifying 5% stagger or somesuch instead of further extending ISB!

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    The answer lies in the content I run - no raids, just m+. I rather have minutes worth of ISB up between pulls, than spend the brews on relatively worthless purifies just for the procs. Since running RJW is the go-to anyway, proccing SD is not in there, even tho it's the best talent I can imagine

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