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    Addons for Holy Power efficiency


    So I just returned to the game from quitting as MoP came out and my friends who still play geared me up wildly quick, I'm sitting around 903 when I use the 4pc and 907 when I go to 2pc... However I'm so new to using holy power like this that I feel as though there are so many crazy factors which either make your abilities grant more holy power or make other abilities cost less that I find myself capping out and accidentally still using the producing abilities instead of the spending abilities... I'm thinking the 4pc isn't even worth keeping if I keep accidentally doing this at least until I get better

    Do you guys have any useful tips or add ons you use to prevent this type of thing?

    edit: I'm ret by the way.

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    Welcome back!

    We could figure you're ret since we are the only ones who use HoPo at the moment. With Legion, they removed the mechanic for prot and holy.

    With that being said, look into Weak Auras 2 and look for custom WA Strings at https://wago.io/weakauras/classes/paladin/retribution

    Besides that, I'd maybe advise using Hekili's addon for smoothing out your rotation. You can get it here.

    If you have any questions regarding your dps and rotations, you could always post in the Fix my DPS thread and maybe glance at the first page of the of the Ret theorycrafting thread which has a LOT of useful information.

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    Thanks, and yeah I totally didn't even realize holy and prot didn't use holy power anymore. My stuff is itemized so garbage I have read guides and know I need to get my mastery down and haste up.

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    A fast one if u still haven't figured how can always make a proper reference :
    1. Tell Me When addon seems something people use to track down on cds and abilities etc
    2. There are great weakaura strings that u can use to enhance your gameplay. After a month or so I just deactivated most of it and kept the absolutely necessary : judgement debuff timer and shield remaining absorption.
    3. I am also using the simple holy power addon to keep the hopo counter conveniently placed in the middle of the screen without interfering with boss timers etc.
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    As other said, Weak Auras 2 is a good addon for it.

    I am using the icon and Highlight for Templar Verdict to use over 3 Holy Power and Judgment when missing on target, counter for Crusade stacks on an icon too is useful for Trinket usage and likes.

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate the responses I saw that Hekili suggestion in a guide but I'm gonna go try and set up a Weak Aura 2 thingy too now

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