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    Legendary Ring for Sins

    So whats you guys opinion about the ring ? I just got it and it does seen quite powerfull to have Vigor and Deeper Stratagem on at the same time, but Simulations don't rank the ring amongst the BIS legendaries. Has anyone tried it on the live servers ?

    Also any ideas on how an opening should look like with this legendary and the shoulders ? Testing some stuff but they feel a little wonky.
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    Is not BiS. Shoulders and Wrist are far stronger.

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    really more of a quality of life legendary than anything else, letting you have Vigor (easier energy management) while still keeping the better damage of Deeper Stratagem, not going to make as big of a splash as the Shoulders/Wrists but might make your rotation easier to manage

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    It's horrible. Plain and simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xanatu View Post
    It's horrible. Plain and simple.
    Ye I noticed, I tried to use it for a bit, I realy wanted the fun of having Vigor and Stratgem on simultaneously. But its just atrociously bad...

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    Pretty shit for sub too. Is it good for outlaw maybe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekroman View Post
    Pretty shit for sub too. Is it good for outlaw maybe?
    the ring synergizes well with DFA builds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekroman View Post
    Pretty shit for sub too. Is it good for outlaw maybe?
    No. Shoulders Bracers are BiS for MFD, Shoulders Insignia is BiS for SnD.

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    Sorry to go off topic.. I checked your armory which is why i ask, Ken. I tried SnD the other night and wasnt super impressed, but i used wrists, quickdraw, and no frond. I have ring and frond is it worth trying with ghostly strike and the ring? Thanks. Really want to main outlaw but in my guild ive kinda become the single target guy and dont want to mess up what we have going.

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    Would have been much more lucrative if they gave us Alacrity or MFD in the last two tiers than Vigor honestly. I see no use for this ring at all.

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    Interestingly, when I simmed it on my character, if found that 770 shoulders/770 ring actually simmed a bit higher than the 740 bracers with the shoulders. When I upgrade the bracers to 770, the shoulder/bracer combo pulls ahead again.

    So while, yeah, the shoulder/bracer combo is still tops, I'm not really understanding all the hate on this ring. DS increased my finishers by about 21% (the 5% buff + the fact that a 6cp finisher hits ~16 harder than a 5cp finisher), while not having to sacrifice the extra energy from Vigor.

    Furthermore this effect lasts the entire fight, as opposed to the bracer effect, which only happens in the last 30% of the fight and essentially gives us an execute. Plus it's nicely itemized.

    So, is it our best legendary? Not by a long shot. But it's not atrocious, especially if you haven't been lucky enough to score both the shoulders and the bracers. I'm going to continue to enjoy it for a few more hours until i get those bracers upgraded.
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