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    894 Rsham LF Tuesday/Thursday Raiding Guild

    Hey all, I recently mainswapped to a resto shaman after playing fury warrior for most of legion and have decided that DPS isn't for me, I'd rather be a healer. I'm decently geared already but in order to truly get better I'm looking for a strong guild that raids on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will provide me a spot in a team. I don't have logs on the shaman because I haven't really stepped into Heroic NH (probably could do it but I'd rather do it in a guild run), but I am more than willing to improve and work in a team with everyone. I'm currently horde but the right guild (read: non-toxic, non-transphobic) could make me transfer for sure. If you want to talk my Btag is JayneReveck#1990 and my discord is Jayne#4024.

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    Bumping just to see if anyone will see!!

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    <Chaos Council> from Bronze Dragonflight-Nordrassil are recruiting for more horde raiders to join their ranks. Looking for reliable raiders to join the team as we aim for mythic Nighthold and Tomb of Sargeras progression!

    We’re a friendly guild with experience through heroic NH, but we also have a social aspect to the guild too, as we’re willing to help with quests, mythic keys and many more situations! Being able to bring a sense of humour, friendliness and willing to be a part of our small community we’ve created is a must!

    What are looking for?
    We need people who are serious and dedicated to progressing through raiding content, while also have a good sense of humour to see the fun side of progression and the game overall. We’re looking to fill the 20-man roster for mythic progression and for people who are willing to help themselves and others learn and get through the progression. We’re constantly trying to better ourselves and we hope you’re willing too
    We want people to be committed to progression, while also being able to have fun in a mature, but friendly environment, and people who can accept faults and work from them.

    Mainly looking for healers and ranged DPS to fill the ranks. Other roles and classes will be considered. Full explanation of classes we’re looking for are on our website (link below).

    Raiding Details:
    We raid every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday between 20:00 – 22:00 server time. We’re looking for people who can attend most, if not all raids and are striving for full attendance. We use RC Loot Council for distributing loot.

    10/10N - Nighthold
    10/10H – Nighthold
    3/3N – Trial of Valor
    3/3H – Trial of Valor

    Discord, along with a mic and headset is required for raiding, and RC Loot Council is necessary for loot distribution within the raids.

    How to apply:
    Apply through our website on Gamerlaunch and fill in our application form, which we’ll read through and get back to you. Feel free to whisper one of our officers through in game or send an in-game mail to Dracanna-Nordrassil for more information, or to have a quick chat!

    Hope to see you in the future

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    <Rise Again> Area 52
    Looking for Range DPS and 1 HEALS(druid/pally/monk) for our raid group = Sat/Sun 11 pm-2am- Server 4/10 H NH.

    Solid Core Group, Looking to expand are current roster and Progress into Mythic's as soon as possible.

    Message myself Rakof, Falindis, Kharyaa, Schlawng, In game if you are interested.

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