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    Streamers on twitch that play this game full time are not even close to 1707. What the actual fuck 0.o

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    Streamers often have accounts on EU, NA, PTR and torunament servers, so their playtime - and account levels - are split.

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    Highest I have seen was about 1400, I think.

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    In a quick match yesterday there was a player that was just over 1600. Seen a couple over a 1000.

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    Level 1968. Silenced. Drafted Tyrande. As solo heal.

    Can I please never again see the 'I'm level xxxx. Don't match me with level yy noobs' whine. Thanks.

    On an unrelated note. Why can people with leaver status only play QM and Brawl, but silenced tards can ruin Unranked as well?

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    Highest I saw was a bot at 4500 that ran AI games on the easiest difficulty all night long. Other than that they highest I've seen was a 1600

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