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    Saverem, can you show logs of your important 2.6sec BoS CD? This here leads to nothing, because you can't even bring good arguments.
    The BoS change will do nothing except help bad players play not so bad anymore...
    HT > BoC in progression anyway, this changes nothing, too

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    2.6s BoS being useful implies you waited for at least 0.6 sec of those. I can't see how that would be useful. For DPS it is important to fill your gcds so this is not a good (probably not even an acceptable) option. If you are going for pure survival... maybe don't play BoC.
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    Did anyone answer the question? I would say the answer is no. HT is better on progression when you need the most survivability and are learning mechanics and BoC is more fun to play and better dps for everything else. Same as it used to be.

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